Selvedge – Don’t Sweat Infinity

Artist: Selvedge
Title: Don’t Sweat Infinity
Keywords: experimental Lancashire
Label: Wormhole World

Selvedge seems to have the power to close the curtains, to pull the blankets over our heads and let a fresh darkness rule our mindset. If the sun was shining bright outside in a blue sky, it simply seem to have faded away out of existence when the tracks of this album are doing its thing.

But don’t think it’s an unpleasant kind of darkness, it’s more like the kind that seems to convey a very lovely night in which it’s not cold but just cool, one that has no light shining in your eyes to make you feel like squeezing them, but a kind dark smoothness that gently lays all over your vision while actually flowing easily into your ears.

You can just feel things becoming more and more relaxed as this album spreads out its sounds. Humbling the atmosphere with a drone ambience that even takes the lights of shiny stars a few notches down, making the perfect environment to chill out, sleep or do some kind of self healing kind of meditation with.

It might just only misses a guru that whispers things like ‘focus on the nothingness, listen to the sounds of darkness, feel how pretty it is to have no colour palette to process with your mind & let it just easily shimmer around for a good time of relaxation.” But than again, I believe it’s best that this imaginary guru stays far away from these recordings as it’s pretty clear that this music speaks very much on its very own. Besides aren’t all gurus extremely annoying?

When your head might think that there are some bright bits popping up in this album, you could also see them as a showcase of all taints of black that are going towards greyness, all doing their best in keeping the pleasant mood of comfort as easy going as it could be, making sure that it’s refraining your head from thinking too hard as it’s creating a lovely ambient zone to feel pretty much at ease with. There is simply no need for brain power over here – feel free enough to switch even that off!

With an album like this you have gained the ideal soundtrack to feel as if you have nothing to worry about, to just settle down, go with the flow, it’s a good reason to pretend perhaps that your thoughts are simply flying softly away on a comfortable cloud (not a digital storage place) into peaceful realm of pure nothingness. There we might not have egos and all that, but aren’t they (like those gurus) just a burden and a obstacle in our free mindfulness anyway? Just say no to egos, gurus and thoughts in general & let ‘Don’t Sweat Infinity’ do its thing:

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