Sofía Bertomeu – And you, In which movie are you playing?

Artist: Sofía Bertomeu
Title: And you, In which movie are you playing?
Keywords: ambient experimental experimental electronicidm lars von trier sofia bertomeu technoglitch Spain

And you, In which movie are you playing?

I’m playing a fool in a silent black and white slapstick spaghetti western movie that almost hast seen the light of day, but other than that… nothing really… and you?

Oh wait, silly egomaniacally me! This is not a interview question, this is just the title and the name of all the tracks as seen on the release by Sofía Bertomeu who amazingly made an excellent sounding three track electronic EP with each one of them containing dialogues taken out from Lars von Trier movies. Do you know his movies? They are quite nice so I’ve heard.

Now you might think that it is needed to have seen these specific movies to get that joyful feeling of ‘hey I recognise this’ and yes, you are probably right about that. But even for movie barbarians like myself, the ones who rarely see a movie (as ain’t nobody got time for that) this release still has plenty to offer.

Music mostly – the kind that rhythmically establishes some style of minimal experimental electronics that build up an moody atmosphere that (as a bunch of stand alone tracks) seems to be perfectly suitable as actual soundtracks for experimental movies, the kind that have a pulse and a groove for experimental movie editors to cut and playfully paste with. Shorties that might be closer to threesome of music videos than a long looking cinematic extravaganza experienced under the complimentary sound effect of people eating popcorn. These recordings right here skip that whole part and go for the music and dialogue instead… a good thing I would say! After all popcorn is loud and might stick around in the holes of your teeth.

The conversations taken from these Lars von Trier cinematic experiences fall seemingly nicely in there, I presumed that they are a bit chopped up at times and maybe manipulated lightly, but as I didn’t see any of these movies, it’s for me hard to tell. I wonder if the artist asked permission from Lars von Trier to use these dialogues as the vocal carriers of this music. Or did she maybe recorded them all over again with friends acting out parts of the script? Again it’s hard to tell when you didn’t see these specific movies. Also why specifically these three? (The House that Jack Built (2018) Nymphomaniac (Part II) (2013) & Dogville (2003)
There must be something to it!

In any case I think Lars von Trier should probably be happy about it, as from where I stand this release by Sofía Bertomeu is promoting the movies of this controversial director to the point that it even seems to trigger enough to lift up the ban of watching anything, slightly pausing the barbarian practice of ignoring the films, tempting even me to follow these movie titles and check out the visual parts that would probably give that ‘eureka’ moment of recognition when hearing these tracks again and again..

All of them go with a repetitive flow that reeks very much into the term of easy listening and being danceable. Not danceable in the sense that sweat will flow out of you like a waterfall from moving in hyper speeds, but more like doing rhythmic movements in a very slow fashion. Still I would Claim it to be dance music more than anything else. But what do I know? I didn’t even see these movies and when was the last time that I danced? Oh yes, just now actually… very slowly and in a peaceful zen way, while listening to Sofía Bertomeu’s ‘And you, In which movie are you playing?’. I recommend you to do the same! …I’m Imagining Lars von Trier finding this review (he looks like the person who googles himself) checking out this pretty EP and than instantly dance around, probably triggering him to make a new movie with Sofía Bertomeu as the soundtrack provider! Wouldn’t that be great? Yes it would! Make it so!

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