Dani Lee Pearce – For As Briefly As I Live

artist: Dani Lee Pearce
title: For As Briefly As I Live
keywords: diy experimental bedroom pop experimental pop folk lo-fi piano pop rock Richmond
label: Grimalkin Records

After a quiet piano introduction, my skin got all its hairs up as when the voice of Dani Lee Pearce comes in to sing ‘What Do You Expect Me To Do’, the first song on this incredible moving album. It’s so fragile and strong, like a solo cabaret star in the middle of the stage under the eternal glow of the all revealing spotlight, singing the most emotional song that ask the crucial and devastating questions like what to do when there are no vinyls in the after life… A thing many music lovers here on earth will probably be blown away by as they never thought about that before; but to me, it’s just the incredible way Dani Lee Pearce is performing over here; cracking up my voice and giving me chicken skin all over: it’s so real and brave, beautiful, intelligent and outrageously courageously smart.

It really even hits more home when Dani Lee Pearce raises up the questions even more – what if there will be no synthesizers, grand pianos, bells, chimes, bass, microphones, drums in the after life – all these things that are making life here on earth so bearable and worthwhile! What will they expect musician Dani Lee Pearce to do when gone to the next level? A individual who clearly breaths music in and out, but also let’s us think about out own – as music lovers, music makers; this is a incredible hard hitting song that will make us want to hold on to life and enjoy music every second that we can! Will there be no music blogging in the after life? shit – i’m crying pools of tears!

And this is just the start of an album that will completely give anyone the shivers from greatness, as Dani Lee Pearce hits the emotional strings like a true genius who captured the art of doing so. This artist proceeds to deliver the honest tones with amazing singing and emotive music, incredible intelligent lyrics and mind blowing compositions that will build up so brilliantly that you will be experiencing a sea of tears coming out of your own eyes. You can’t stop it as the balance between beauty, frailness, intellect, honesty and openness is so on point and in balance over here that it does a certain thing with you as a listener. It all seem to go straight into your heart, head and soul; music that is not just music, but something that will make you feel things you haven’t had felt before.

Tones and melodies that are so in touch and interlinked with each other that they could be experienced like magic formulas, one that are irresistible brave and emotionally strong. How on earth can anyone stay dry when listening to this? Maybe the shortage of loo rolls are not because of this viral virus, but just because people have been discovering Dani Lee Pearce’s music and they need tissue to keep the floor from flooding with their own emotively triggered sea of tears?

Personally I feel as if I’m being swept away on a sea of melodic and vocal tones alone; a work that seriously must have been years in the making – as it feels grand and well thought out & yet it didn’t wipe out the realness of the artist, keeping Dani Lee Pearce as exposed with all its powers and fragileness that make great human treats that many soulful people could relate with, yet probably never could produce themselves: there is only one Dani Lee Pearce out there and I can’t stress enough how grateful I am to finally have this artist’s music flowing around in my body. What an amazing performer and so passionate, it’s truly blowing my mind away (and not in a bad way)!
As I definitely don’t want to end up with a exploded head ending up in the after life without the option to hear more music by Dani Lee Pearce!

With the fourth song on the album, the musician goes for an different angle in tone and sound, but it’s just as inconceivable and driven as the others. With a quirky touch of theatrical pop our hero sings in truly unique style “I’m Gonna See My Abuser Again” which uses good humor to deal with the crazed concept to the urge to make you go out and see your abuser again… If you have ever experienced that feeling or gone through such a situation of self confusement; this will be the friend to make you self reflect with a smile: you aren’t alone!

From here Dani Lee Pearce goes on a glittering journey, from really funky, with smooth baselines, sing a long empowerment, driven ballads with wonderful piano arrangements, using humor to deal with serious subjects, crashing weddings, loving too much, happily prancing around in cis land with a unique style and vision that will leave you hooked and wanting to know more about this eccentrically mind blowing artist! Luckily our friends over at Houdini Mansions managed to do a little insider interview with her, which I really recommend you to check out over here:
https://houdinimansions.com/features/2020/2/12/album-premiere-dani-lee-pearce-for-as-briefly-as-i-live But above that all, it’s just best to tune into this master piece that the album ‘For As Briefly As I Live” is and just feel the quality theatrics, melodies, voice of the century, uniqueness and quirky flow of dealing with emotive content through various wonderful ways. So please do get some extra loo roll if you are sensitive and need something to catch the liquid salt from your ears, whether it is from joy, beauty or getting happily emotional! It’s one of those albums that got it all and is ready to grab you, so you better enjoy it while you are still alive as I doubt the after life will tolerate good music like this! and if so, will there be any loo rolls? this album makes you think, feel, deal with things and experience!

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