Crumpsall Riddle – Looking After The duck

Artist: Crumpsall Riddle
Title: Looking After The duck
Keywords: experimental Lancashire
Label: Wormhole World

Jesus! This album by Crumpsall Riddle doesn’t wait for no one, immediately sparkles it’s surreal Dadaism over you with a riddle so equally passionately outspoken by voice and music machine that your jaw might drop on the floor and nobody in their right mind will be able to pick it up and shove it back in again. I love this way of opening very much, as when other albums throw up a intro as a functioning filler ‘Crumpsall Riddle’ throws us all straight in the middle of a epic timeless galore. It’s as if they are a peacock that has no time to wait and flaps open all its colourful feathers for us all to be inspired and blow away by. These feathers won’t go away any time soon, only being tucked away (maybe) all the way at the end when the music had stopped, but there is a feeling that even when the microphone and recording devices are off they will keep their heads beautifully high in their leisure time.

There is a certain free spirited set of minds flourishing here, one that is fully draped in a feeling of true liberty, one that comes with what comes across as a passionately hand played vintage synth and heartfelt vocals that have nothing to hide or to lose! Which (to be fair) for a riddle, is as upfront and tongue in the cheek as it could be, one clearly full of naturalist galore that makes this enjoyable duo (consisting of Jude Cowan Montague and Steven Ball) into one of true ataraxia, a phenomenon so impressive that it feels as each artist is at home in each other’s input as if their are both fishes that swim happily into each others water, with no egos battling for attention, no unwanted fights among each other, but truly a complimentary case of equal musical freedom skills that are wonderfully working together to make their equanimity rule in music form.

You can hear it all through this album, a true passion that has no boundaries, no shame or stopping back to express themselves out in the open, no need to lift their masks as they already have their chests open, ready to expose their hearts for all to see and hear, it functions like an instrument that you might not be able to play & learn at music school but one that is crucial enough to be a main one that seems to make this one so fruitful and magically lovely.

It gives us as a listener a certain embracement that tells you that it’s good to be yourself & that without judgement the true soul can be revealed in songs and sounds that are ona unrestrained liberty of their own!

Why not let the earthly goddesses and gods come out chanting through the ground as expressed over here? Why not dancing around like a jolly feel good folklore character? Why not strumming around like a chanson writer in the middle of nature, embracing the noises of the inner fantasies and throw it all out like a wicked ball of eargasms!

Why not embracing the riddles, desire the tick tick sound of the clock and humble the dadaism of memories, future and past? Why not loving in the now, getting everything out that comes out your way and release yourself from the dreadful prison created by the burden of being socially accepted? Why not be a little bit more as Crumpsall Riddle? Looking after a duck, mesmerising in their own hypnotic dimension in which music, art and themselves have interwoven with everything and beyond.

They want to help themselves, ducks and other people with their melodies, sounds, songs, passionate and chicken skin raising hearty moments that feel so real and passionate that you might feel like shredding a tear or two, from truth, being touched by music and expression with a surreal humanness that you won’t come across on the outside layer of most artists out there. Crumpsall Riddle is as naked as it could be & yet it’s fully dressed with light and passion. Just listen to ‘the old man’ and try to keep it dry… I wish you well & I hope you will check out, listen, enjoy and get inspired by these two collaborators and their fabulously honest album. They are living by example that they hopefully can change the world by just being themselves & expressing them creatively in all its brilliant purest ways!

If people just had ten precent of expressive freedom as Crumpsall Riddle have accumulated over here, the world would be already a much more fascinating and wonderful place! Go listen and share! You and the planet and all of its inhabitants deserve it:


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