Stirner – Craptastic Low-Live 2012 AB

artist: Stirner
title: Craptastic Low-Live 2012 AB
cat: SPNet030
keywords: harsh noise, free noise, live recording
format: mp3 320 kbps
label: SP Recordings

Ready to get your ears pierced for free by the legendary Tony Stirner?The legendary and probably the most entertaining quality noise maker from the Netherlands has done us a great gift by recording two live sets.
released by the SP netlabel and i believe also available (with its amazing artwork) as a physical release. The music that Stirner has captured hear will completely rape your ears and other holes of your body with high quality noise that will seriously make you bleed from happiness. in all its glory of wonderful output there is always something going on. T. Stirner is noise of a abnormal quality, it destroys harshly while it is highly entertaining at the same time. Its is like a sophisticated way to get brainfucked by high hiss, frequencies, buzz fuzz, feedback, dancing and singing and even a hint of classical music. Think you are waiting in a waiting room from a dentist and you hear someone”s teeth getting drilled, chopped off, sawn and eventually being sliced up with sharp knives.
Even though perhaps the music tony delivers in these fine live show recordings is of a strong nature, it could be called i.d.m. for deaf people. As it never fails to trick your brain and is full of interesting sounds that will keep you on the edge of your seat! Bombastic noise that blows the ears away vs someone walking on a fresh flower field that is slightly crushed.. Machine buttons are being pressed and a electrified washing machine does a solo in between. The amazing and above all cool  live sets are something that should be cherished forever as it really is a blueprint for any aspiring artist who loves to dribble in noise.
Next to a soundscape that can turn into pure nastiness at any time, it feels also somehow good to sit down and chill out too. The human voice of Stirner sits like a frank Sinatra on top of the music and feels like there is a demonstration going on where Stirner demands respect from everyone who is still able to hear!

the two live sets are both of a different kind of mindset. while “live at camfest” is probably the one that does the job of demolishing anything, everywhere and at any time! it is in my opinion also the most entertaining and interesting set.

the other live recording (recorded in Hengelo if i am not mistaken..) has a more of a chill pill vibe to it.
perhaps that isn’t true but because the first set of Tony”s work simply raped my ears so much that i am not able to hear the other sets nastiness. Whatever the reason is (i should try to listen to it when the build in hiss of damaged ears has cleaned up) it sounds calm and relaxing like a oil massage of noise.

this is a exciting and penetrating recording of time and space filled with utter quality sound rape, that the artist carefully has created for whoever in need for a brutal skullfuck. It succeeds in all what you can possibly wish for and T.Stirner keeps it well deserved badge of honor as biggest and nastiest export product of penetrating well made blasts of noise!
get your ass kicked , your teeth filled or removed and get yelled at while Stirner plays some acoustic sounds for anyone to enjoy.
i feel awake , battered and ready for the real world!


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1 Response to Stirner – Craptastic Low-Live 2012 AB

  1. Alex Spalding says:

    Loving it!

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