Anastasia Vronski – The Sputnik EP

Artist: Anastasia Vronski
title: The Sputnik EP
cat: elru085
format: mp3
keywords:  noise, sound scape, flight stimulation, sci-fi,
label:  Electro Rucini

Are you ready for a space flight with the Sputnik?  The description promises us a woman friendly flight so I brought lots of lip-gloss and a handbag. The Engines of the rockets that will bring the  Sputnik in outer space have started to test drive, burn their gasses and after a while we will lift of planet earth in an amazing speed!
Our engines simply do their best and without too much problems we are breaking through the ozone layer and higher and higher in outer space. Time to losethe support rockets and press some unknown buttons. Awesome sounds we hear and if I close my eyes I actually really believe I am flying with the sputnik. This is a wonderful experience that is totally thrilling!  Deep in space some alarm bells are starting to ring, something is wrong? Do we see things that aren’t there? Are the control lights getting out of control? Something weird is happening but as I am not a real astronaut myself, I don’t know what it is precisely.  Is the sputnik in the presence of a unknown flying objects?
Suddenly this woman friendly space flight gets me a bit panicky. After a feverish search on the control panel for the ‘solution’ button, the engines kick start in hyper speed.  the sputnik goes in full force to go where no man or woman has gone before. The ending is epic as it feels like we finally are freed of the noise of the engines and are just enjoying a weightless relief! The Sputnik is finally free and in outer space!  Jeej! And jippy for space travels! And seriously this is probably the closest to the real thing. The whole sound felt very retro but as the sputnik got launched in 1957 it really hits a lama’s ass!

Get your retro realer than real space flight experience over here:

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