(o)thers – BEAUTY

artist: (o)thers
title: BEAUTY
format: digital download, mp3
keywords: experimental, noise, drama, avantgarde, music concrete
label: others on SPrecordings http://othersonsprecordings.bandcamp.com/

After a hell of a night it’s good to know that there is music waiting to be heard in the morning. Fresher than fresh is this release by the wonderful artist called (o)thers! I strongly believe it didn’t existed yesterday, so here is the change to proof that next to reviewing golden oldies “Yeah I Know It Sucks” are also keen on the newbies’!
Let’s put on our swimsuit and dive into this release shall we?

The first tune is ‘beauty-pressure’ featuring ryder-farms. Think little Jimmy Saville girls with pretty drugged and glazy eyes singing a song for mister predator himself. The haunting beauty of children voices (or perhaps its that Icelandic band mum in the blender?) in combination with a strong blast of noise with clicks and cuts makes this track indeed sound like someone is being pressured by beauty.

‘Sleeping Beauty Pills’  is a track that sounds well with my taste for disturbed chill out tracks. A storm of hissy noise sounds that hits your speakers like the sound of breaking waves, in combination with some laid back guitar work.
The waves of sound takes over and creates somehow a syber sonic chill out new age noise track to do your yoga lessons on.

next up is a track called ‘Beautiful (feat. Bloat)’ where (o)thers recreated a obvious cheesy rock song in to something so much more enjoyable.  Think warm noises, smooth rumblings and sexy blundering. This is a perfect track for playing in the rain, the mudd or why no? in the sun! Next to this I think its also recommendable to play this to your lover while still being in bed. Noise has never sounded so romantic and a fuck is just around the corner!

Battling Beauties’ is the next track and sounds like what the title suggest. A Room full of delicious tall, well busted, long haired female beauties that simply enjoy a cat fight. Hairs are being pulled, some great bitch slapping and some high heeled kicks! The male chaperons are trying to calm these pretty lady’s but unfortunately with no hearable results. Lovely words are getting spitted on to each other filled with nasty compliments. While this entertainment is going on (o)thers supplied the perfect soundtrack that will lift all the extreme moods of these beauty queens into the extreme. Smooth sounds that sounds somehow like a peek into a psychopathic mind of someone who appreciates female beauty, but perhaps as a snack. It reminds me of the observing mind of Issei Sagawa… (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Issei_Sagawa)

The next track is called ‘ I.WasAlwaysThinking/SomethingIsNot Right’ This is a chill out track that can be labeled as ‘special’. We hear a far distance singing of a girl with a bitter sweet voice. Her innocent voice and the content of her sexy song make us all fall in love. The smooth surroundings of loveable noise music really create an erotic atmosphere that is sometimes hot and sometimes even feverish!

L(o)ve (feat. Bloat) is another favorite track on this steamy album. Here we hear nothing less than the love for sound. The love of a cat in the back alley, the love for strange noises in the ear phones, The love for love and aliens, The love for disturbance and most of all the sound of the backside of love.
I don’t mean making love in the ass, but more the side effect of love. Love is pure and pleasure but for sure is also the most disastrous and effective weapon of destruction. When you fall in love all help is lost! Sometimes people are lucky, and some of the lovers die a horrible faith: Marriage! Children, dogs, cats, sheep and a little house on the prairie.. And no more sex!

the next track is a impressive and intense work that simply intrigues the listener by shaping a soothing world that is beautiful aswell as it is somehow disturbing. This is probably the music of a love relationship gone wrong and this track symbols the acceptation of this disastrous event.  A beautiful drama is made with the help of amazing warmth and sound effects. We experience a great feeling of happiness when we hear the girl we once loved getting what she deserved for hurting our hearts. After a little reminder of the wedding, we simply hear her last scream, which sounds obviously very beautiful!

‘Prom Queen Obsession’ is a track that is the work of a mad genius. A dramatic played piano that has a duet of endurance with all the nicest noises in the world are sure something to keep in mind. It is like a storm of psychoactive feelings that reminds us of falling in love with something that is untouchable.

The last track is certainly not being missed as it is a very intense one. (o)thers emotional feelings are at its most strong over here with a confidential dramatic tune that is dramatic as it is sweet. We hear strange rhythmic sounds, a beautiful piano melody and of course we hear two guys preparing a beautiful girl for an upcoming snuff movie. Perhaps it is the Prom Queen of the previous track, which makes her seem les untouchable than we thought she was. We hear a ‘Chop’ sound that reminds me of some kind of guillotine and a baby crying…

This probably was the longest time I took to write a review as this album was quit a heavy one. Every track is dibbed in beauty and mystery. It is a noise album but yet still so sublime that it is also perfect for any contemporary music and art lover. Beauty is where this is all about, perhaps not the beauty we think off at first sight, but (o)thers managed to dive directly behind the mask of all the beauty. As expected this is an intense experience that listens away like a well told and above all interesting story.
If you love beauty, love and drama than this is definitely a must have:

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