various – SAMIZDAT floppy DISK #01

artist: various
title: SAMIZDAT floppy DISK #01
keywords: experimental, electronic, industrial, classical, childrens music, chiptune, noise, lobit
label: MAV RECORDS (0kbps

The already legendary and provocative netlabel MAV (0kbps records) is vaporizing music as we know it with groundbreaking new idea’s of anti commercial music and anti-music in general. This illustrious label has just released an new rather radical concept release. This time it is a compilation filled with recognizable names from the underground who are not afraid to go to the lower side of bitrates to prove their point of destruction.

This is the first edition of a series of Do-It-yourself floppy disks. You have to take the  DIY part very literally as MAV just provide you with the files and the instruction to burn them on recycled floppy disks yourself to spread around to friends, or leave them on the shelves of your local grocery store.

Let’s explore the first issue while overwriting the lady GaGa pink floppy disks we reviewed yesterday.
The first track is one by one of these very talented music makers out there called ‘Beira’. His latest beautiful record ‘Carillion’ is still on my mind when sinking in the tune he supplied for this compilation.
… My hairs went up like I’ve poked a fork in an electric power source. Not that it is so noisy but more the shock of the power of lobit and how well it treats sounds in a specific authentic way! Beira delivers an somehow orchestral classical lobit composition that makes me wonder what music would sounded like if composers like Vivaldi, Beethoven and Mozart would have grown up in the lobit era. Would they be up with the stars like Beira on burn-yourself-floppydisks? Would they use electronic microsounds and skip the whole hassle to deal with the headache of orchestra’s? Well we would probably never know, and who cares really? After all Beira is here and makes all these composers redundant in a fraction of bitrate and time!

If this isn’t enough, one very likable and prominent experimental producer called  ‘Tommaso Busatto’  has lend his magical touch of music to this project. Personally I believe the music of Tommaso is very likeable, especially love his lobit works as he isn’t afraid to use his own voice in his enjoyable music pieces. This work on this compilation is another joy that glues all the loveable trademarks together with delivering an minimal industrial dance track with noisy vocal expressions. Humor is important, although this track is of course serious business! If you close your eyes when listening to this track, you can just imagine this being in a follow up movie of ‘Bladerunner’. The futuristic future where MAV records and other illustrious underground figures has vaporized all clean cut sounds and only lobit music survived the apocalypse.

Talking about the moment when all high bit rates stopped to exist, artist ‘7tn4CC’ recorded them being converted into crying noises of a fine lobit quality. They are crying like wolves in the night, than they transform into smaller beagles and end up like hungry seagulls. In the end lobit prevails and sucks these noises up for the greater good of more noises!

It is good to see some artist dribbling in these fine lobit sounds that I’m not familiar with. After seeing it, my ears even enjoy the exploration of these wonderful sounds so much more. Who is this producer and how come I’ve never heard of it? This is so pretty, sweet and dreamy music that makes me want to cry from happiness and excitement. Artist ‘Max Scordamaglia’ is one to look out for, as this tune makes my heart hungry for much more where this came from. Experimental music perhaps, but it feels very natural and good hearted. This was probably exactly what ‘killing the music industry with love’ phrase is all about! Such a beauty, it makes me want to wear a tutu and hop around in the front garden like a pretty ballerina!

After the lovely vibes of the former track, we hear the wonderful and fun music of the great isteronproject! Perhaps not a new name in your book and if it is, you should definitely check this project out. Its insanely great, fun and very playful. These three elements could also be applied to the cute music that is provided here. Think sweet cute piano works, a singing saw or perhaps a musical bee, cups of tea and homely vibes. Actually this tune is so nice and sweet, I think about getting some chocolate cookies to celebrate this great listening experience!

Another artist with another name is ‘Natomorto’. The track provided here is slightly more lobit rock n roll of glittering data-loss, unhearable frequencies and anti social, social sounds. Probably recorded with a guitar as they seem to be good weapons of choice for the vaporizing business.

And than its time for good morning music. The artist described it as shitty sounds in the morning, but I have to say that it really made my morning experience in a bright and happy one. Oh? Its almost 12:00 clock here, the morning is almost finished! So glad to hear this track before the morning has past, it was just on edge. Still three minutes to go and that’s plenty of time to hear this cuteness even a few times on repeat. Sweet shitty sounds by ‘ kano ‘ for good mornings are my favorite!

Another legendary name that is represented here on this compilation; fabiorosho. His track sounds like the most awkward chiptune pop track of this entire compilation. Its just so weird, still so very pop. It feels like a soundtrack expressing a walk to work you don’t actually want to do. This tune seems to scream ‘life is a drag, and so be it’, and with this attitude this release has come to an end, as well as this review.

No hair on my head will stop you to download this fabulous compilation as there is something out there for everyone with a sense of good taste and fun! Be sure to spread the content in floppy’s around the world! I’ll try and do the same, although I decided to not recycle the gaga diskette’s for this one (they might end up  being worth some cash..)..
Here is the link to this great compilation, its free so Click Click Click:

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