Crows Labyrinth – Travels

artist: Crows Labyrinth
title: Travels
keywords: ambient, bass, dark ambient, drone, improvisation, meditation
format: digital mp3 / physical CD

This artist is sublimely kind by supplying the potential listener a few easy steps to make the listening session into a perfect happening.
– Turn down the lights  (CHECK!)
– Listen in a quiet room or use headphones (CHECK , CHECK!)
– Turn up the volume to experience all the detail (WHAT? Ah I had put the volume so loud I couldn’t read what you where saying!) (CHECK!)

This is  an album that indeed feels the best when listening in a room surrounded by complete darkness. The first track ‘Frontier’ is a 10 minute long adventure that kindly seeks to put the listener into a deep trance. The spacious sounds feels like we are swimming around in another stellar system, weightless and completely blinded by nothingness, with deep sounding waves of an unknown source to hold on too. Slowly we lose track of time and surroundings while Crows Labyrinth carefully slides us into track 2.

in ‘Influx’ the beauty of deep and emotional dark ambient comes out. The flow is slow and organic, and the hidden organics that lay deep within this space are almost of an occult dark matter. The stretched out tones are begging for you to dig into your own soul for answers and directions. It may seem as a dark place that has been created over here, but there are just as much positive tones as dark ones.

With ‘Gibberish’ it feels like the meditation session has hit a very sensitive layer. The sounds starting to vibrate like we are in some strange and calm underwater world. A place where it is safe to swim in and you can scream and shout as loud as you want as no one will ever hear it. Or wait was that a phrase that had something to do with space? At this moment my brain has left the planet and I’m trying to communicate with the odd metallic bubble robot fish that is swimming around my head. He is giving me advices how to listen to music, but I have some trouble receiving all the words correctly with all the black water troubling my view. Am i talking gibberish again? Or is the fish talking gibberish? Where the hell am I? What is going on?

I have to grab the table to hold on to reality. The ‘Reverie’ is another intensive experience that makes my whole body weightless. It is that i have my fingers tight around my keyboard otherwise I wouldn’t be able to report this strange adventure. My legs are high up in the air and basically making me write up side down. The blood pressure in my head is building up while the warm tones of the music is soothing the ears with great comfort. When getting used to being weightless, my ears really start to enjoy the music that is my one and only companionship. It feels like a warm bath, while actually floating around in some strange space.

Suddenly a stream of bubbles is pulling me down, tropical neon toxic creators swim among me and I’m completely lost in a deep dark and mysterious ocean. I have no problem breathing and also moving about doesn’t seem to be effected. There are musical elements coming from somewhere and the water stream is delivering me closer to it.

When at the right spot a beautiful reward is exposed. A lovely moment in the shape of a melodic tune called ‘Below’. A light snack, some fresh air until Crows Labyrinth is covering us up with a lush brightness. Another reward for having survived this extensive session of depth. ‘Heliograph’ is a pure beauty that slowly prepares the listener to reality, while donating passionate and feel good vibrations. Warm ambient tones with soothing moods that seem to massage the adventurers ears, losing all its frustrations and tensions it once had before traveling away within this sonic landscape.

Take your time, relax and open your heart and soul, switch of the light and experience this therapeutic ambient adventure. For more information and the opportunity to get a digital or a physical copy of this wonderful release, please do click on the following link:


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