Marisol Celestia – A never ending promise

Artist: Marisol Celestia
title: A never ending promise
cat: Siro487
keywords: indie, alternative
label: Sirona-Records

A girl with a guitar as her best friend puts her thoughts out through melancholic songs that needs re-listening to be fully appreciated. The not your usual music structures in the first track combined with her strange and unique vocal performance sound sometimes very fragile, even a bit off and yet again always ending right. Perhaps this way of sing talking to her-self and recording it for others is something very personal, which creates somehow a feeling of being very intimate and up close with the performing artist. She sounds dreamy and being young at heart with an old soul, expressing herself in her own individual style and way.

One of my favorite tracks on this release is ‘ringer’ which has a certain homemade rawness too it. I can just imagine her sitting on a staircase with a guitar while sipping from a self-rolled cigarette (the ashtray is an empty beer can) singing her song to her new trusted friend; you. The structure in this song does have an easy to follow flow which makes this into a very strong track of intimacy that you might fall in love with.

Where ‘ringer’ had more an angelic version of Nico from the velvet underground sound to it, the last track has more a nirvana unplugged alternative rock feeling. Even though there are some well-timed crashes coming from a lost drum-kit in a corner, it misses a certain power chorus that this tune would be so suitable for. Instead it just stays calm and leaves my ears just how my listening session started, shall I listen again? Maybe you can do it yourself at the following link:

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