Doomettes – Tight Spaces

artist: Doomettes
title: tight places
cat: 656
keywords: post punk, noise, HNW
label: Sirona-Records

Each time when my eyes encounter the artist name ‘Doomettes’, I can’t stop my brain from linking it with the beautiful cheerleader kind of girls. In my fantasy they chant D O O M E T T E S like they are in an American football stadium cheering up the male and lesbian audience with energetic jumpy sexy moves in skimpy little outfits.

The music behind this project however does certainly it’s best to erase this scene of the all American perverted dream! No jumpy acrobatic beauty would be crazy enough to do the split with the doomed sound of harsh destruction of the Doomettes project. Even though the title of its newest free downloadable release on Sirona-Records is raising the flag of sexiness, the cover picture of ‘tight spaces’ makes sure that this is not about enjoying tight intimate parts of the so called D O O M E T T E S cheerleader, but rather about another man’s best friend being stuck under a table.

What is this all about you may ask yourself, but listening to the single lenghty track will not only erase all sexy images, but also changes the mood dramatically as the music of Doomettes isn’t really a laughing matter!

The release start with the most effective doom pop with the perfect easy listening friendly guitar structure and The Doomettes lead singer is singing in his best doomed way on top of it. When everything is said and done the tension arises in the strings and then the trademark moment of comfortable destruction takes over; successfully giving any unsuspected listener a sound inflicted heart attack.

Just if you were getting used to the humanity that surrounded the beginning, The Doomettes will pierce your ears with noise penetration of the non-sexual kind. For more than half an hour the listener’s skull will be filled with the ultimate buzz fuzz crackle torture that only the Doomettes seem to have the secret off. From steady scratching with tiny electric razorblades digging deep in the inside of the bone skull, till even more nastier variations.

I didn’t think the head was considered a small tight place, but as this sound is trying to cut through it from the inside out, we might thank doctor Doom for enlarging the room where the brain is bleeding. All the sexual images, the hot cheerleaders and visions of pussy cats are drastically erased, along with any other thinking capability. The dog on the front cover is not hiding under the table for nothing! Get this doomed brain remover soundtrack over at the following link, but don’t say we didn’t warn you for the consequences!

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2 Responses to Doomettes – Tight Spaces

  1. Alex Spalding says:

    Haha, I also always imagine cheerleaders when I see Doomettes! Or maybe something like the Rockettes… Idk. 😛

    • kainobuko says:

      Give us a D give us a O give us another O give us a M give us a E give us a T gives us another T gives us a E give us a S!

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