Unplugged Sessions – Unplugged Mixtape

artist: Unplugged Sessions
title: Unplugged Mixtape
keywords: unplugged
label: Smikkelbaard recs.

Forty Dollar Baby starts this tape with a white man’s baby blues. The song contains a heartbreaking sobbing story that gets the good companionship of a mouth harp and the cowboy’s weapon of choice: an acoustic guitar. Lend your shoulder to Forty Dollar Baby and tears will flow, but trust me a wet shoulder is better than a broken heart. A classic song that remind us once again that breaking hearts is an timeless event

What also seem to be endless are the rising sun and the enjoyment of the rays of light that it spreads around the globe. Le Sol has introduced itself on this magical tape and provided a tune that captures these sunny elements. Lyric wise I’m clueless, but sunny wise I’m armed with sunglasses and flip-flops.

The third track is by an act called ‘closingtown’. It’s a good listen at the Yeah I Know It Sucks headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand, as we are surrounded by anti government demonstrators who vowed to close down the city until the voted ministers would step down in order to make way for a ‘Peoples Party’ (read Dicky Dictatorship) . I know this got nothing to do with the actual song, just the name of the band was too perfect in the moment of time not to mention this ‘shutdown’. The song ‘Ballad of the talented thief’ has a folkish Balkan feel to it, something that would be a favorite in the evening around a bonfire, dancing around like a modern group of friendly gypsy’s with some good liquor. The moment when the song evolves in some fine sing-a-long moments, it isn’t hard to imagine the whole bunch dancing and singing the colorful night away. Jajaja!

GA Keeling brings a lightweight song to wiggle the toes along with. It’s called ‘Bridges’ and is one that sticks in the brain for a long time. In other words; it’s fun and catchy!

Suzanne Burdorf is scratching the head material. I simply can’t believe what my ears are hearing. This is unusual stuff to be squeezed in the middle of an unplugged theme, but of course it’s both thumbs up in approval rate!

The Torrents Of Spring is bringing a sarcastic take on the election day. The day that people are voting on shades of grey, and prey to hopefully gain a better future.

But we are moving on with Gisen, who sings that he would never fall in love again. In words it sounds a bit drastic, but he sings it in a bright tone as if his decision isn’t a bad thing but more a relief! But just when we would congratulate his determent belief, he throws the towel in the corner and sings the total opposite. The crowd applauses his new direction and I think to have fallen in love with Gisen!

Thujone brings a little short lived au bade to a folded chair. It’s good to hear when you’r actually folding a chair, just giving the experience a little bit more flair and excitement.

The last track is filled up by a song by someone called Stan Van Haasteren. Stan sounds like a sincere outcast that has chosen to devote his inner-feelings to his folkish sing & songwriter adventures.

With this we have come to an end of this collection of words, and it would be the perfect time for some music. Why not head over to this mix-tape? http://smikkelbaard.bandcamp.com/album/unplugged-mixtape

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1 Response to Unplugged Sessions – Unplugged Mixtape

  1. Suzanne says:

    Haha, if you’re talking about the Aretha Franklin song (I wish I had a voice like that…), it has been fixed and you can actually listen to my song In Time ;).

    Best wishes,

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