The Odio Kandinsky – Templo Alvarado

1Artist: The Odio Kandinsky
title: Templo Alvarado
keywords: dancing, chilling, jamming, park, grass, , hanging out, making music
words by: Mark X

Most of the times visuals are a welcoming mood enhancing attachment to a music track, but sometimes things can go the other way. In this music video there is obviously music to be heard, but when I watch it everything goes silent and I can only see the bassist in the middle.

Who said white men can’t dance?

This bloke’s dance moves are like a form of freedom that you don’t see often. His style is like basically someone who is swinging his sausage and eggs back and front, it’s a very liberating dance that somewhere hangs between a Mister Bean and an innocent child responding to music.

behold the moves of freedom and libberation

behold the moves of freedom and libberation

The good thing of it is that it seems like it is rather infectious. The guy on the right of the screen seems to be energized and inspired; he starts half way showing a more timid swinging rock vibe body wise. Yeah, guys let’s go to the park and let it all hang loose.

The audience is feeling it

The audience is feeling it

The two lads in front that hang out in relaxed position are making the scene even more thrilling, just chilling and watching a ‘private show’ is what some people would pay good money for. Luckily one of the guys is feeling the vibe and joins in later for some bongo beat.

action in the park

action in the park

It’s good to see these people in action and it is even more fun when the final ‘audience’ guy stands up and waves his cigarette of inspiration in the air. Ah, what a perfect day this must have been..  Luckily we can watch it and can dance mister bean style in front of our screens and nobody will make fun about it. It feels so liberating.. so free… care to join in?

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5 Responses to The Odio Kandinsky – Templo Alvarado

  1. Linda says:

    Can’t find a better way to celebrate the start of spring!! Fantastic! Call me in for the next performance and I’ll bring the beer!

  2. Alex Spalding says:

    omg! Hahaha, where did you find this!? xD Couldn’t stop laughing at the gifs.

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