Obama Care – The Extreme Health Care EP

Artist: Obama Care
title: The Extreme Health Care EP
cat: TFR944
keywords: OBAMA, CARE, The, Extreme, Health, Care, EP, Grindcore, Grind, Powerviolence, Punk, Grindpunkscumfucks, Thrashcore, Crustcore, Fastcore, Hardcore, Death, Metal, Healthcarecore, Austin,
label: Torn Flesh Records https://archive.org/details/tornfleshrecords
reviewer: Willem van O.

Obama Care’s the extreme health care EP is one hell of an EP. It features the best paranoid veins-popping expressional rants by pro-gun, fear spreader, anti-new world order propagandist, radio host, film maker, conspiracy theorist and funny persona; Alex Jones.

^ Jones.. Alex Jones.

^ Jones.. Alex Jones.

He has loyal fans tuning in at his shows, watching him on youtube , take in the documentaries or join him at demonstrations. He is dubbed ‘the most paranoid man in America’ by the establishment, but truth is he is outspoken and entertaining with all his ideas and total lack of anger management.  In each track of this extreme health care EP you can hear his hilarious infotainment being animatedly spoken in to your ears, with enough metal power in the music (yes, there is music!) to be an equal partner in the madness.

^ some extreme supporters for the heavy music of Obama Care

^ some extreme metal supporters for the heavy music of Obama Care

Now Alex Jones his words are separated from the electric guitar and heavy grunting grindcore, but wouldn’t it be great if he actually would be the lead vocalist in some kind of death metalband? He certainly has the rage and popularity to fill up the rock stages with his persona, and certainly the vocal range to outwit any on-the-edge metalhead. He might even bring a gun and facepaint for the performance, obviously has some thought provoking angry lyrics and will be regularly spotted wowing the concert crowds with flames coming out of his mouth.. …the longer I think about it; the more I believe that this would be the perfect career move for this turbulent out spoken, hardworking, poetic raging self-made word-spitter.

^ vocalist in a metalband : a new career move for our favorite radio host?

^ vocalist in a metalband : a new career move for our favorite radio host?

But for now, we just have to do with this EP done by Obama Care; spreading his word with fitting music of rage along the sides. Free download, so please don’t pay for the Extreme Health Care EP:

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