The Expelled – BASE POO

Artist: The Expelled
title: BASE POO
keywords: comedy, experimental, funny, parody, surreal, weird, London
reviewer: Willem van O.

From the weird part of London comes The Expelled’s BASE POO. A three track ep that has something for everyone I guess. ‘Dinner With Kenneth’ sounds like a lovely lo-fi time with ‘I Want To Put My Poo On You’ it’s more like a poop-take on hip-hop with a scent of humor spread out over it. And the last track ‘Battle Star Trek Space Wars’ is a soundtrack for a movie of the same title. It’s probably a proper shit movie, but the soundtrack is actually sounding quite nice (that is if you’d like shitty sounds!) The tracks are kept together with the vocal word expertize and storytelling of The Expelled, which is sounding as underground-English as a old school newspaper with fish n chips wrapped inside of it. It makes me want to post the link and say ‘Cheers, mate!’

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