Vote for Bloom

Vote for Bloom!

Voting sucks. The hassle to go out and face the weather and vote on someone you don’t know.. It really does suck… But not today! Not today on YIKIS! Thanks to our highly biased content, behind the scenes ass licking of our favorite talents, and tremendous amount of donations of chocolate balls;
we will make voting more fun and surprisingly easy!

You don’t need to think, no need to choose.. It’s all very, very simple.
Anarchists can even join, as it’s not linked to official politics, but more to friendly friendship polipipi-tricks.
Basically because of us being a fake source for unbiased information,
this text that you are reading wants you to vote on Bloom and her track named ‘The World For You‘.

Why? What are the benefits? Why going through the hassle?
Well let me be simple, if you vote for Bloom’s The World For You’ we promise you that the moon will come up tonight, that your ass will still exist, and that tomorrow there will be another day!
If you vote for Bloom‘s ‘The World For You’ you basically vote for ice-cream, cute cats, flowers, and something weird called ‘love’.

Our secretive chicken behind the scene tried to make a convincing remix to hype you up for getting ready to vote. If you need that extra pep, that extra energy; feel free to tune in to this remix over here:

Are you feeling better about it? Are you already convinced?
Ah, you might want to know what it is for.. The vote is to get the original Bloom song to be added on some radio station (that we have never heard off) their playlist. Amazing Radio it is called?
You know it? I know it? I guess nobody knows it; but seriously let’s vote!

What? Still not informed enough to vote?
You need to hear the actual song? What a lot of demands..
How intelligent of you..
Well here it is, might the music serve your opinion well:

Are you ready to vote now? Dammit! Vote, vote, vote!

Vote for friendship, Vote for music, Vote for biasedness, Vote for the love of sincerity!
Help out, don’t think; go to that page and vote for Bloom’s The World For You.
Don’t do it for Bloom, do it for yourself; you know you can use the karma!
Vote multiple times and stock your cupboards full of that precious karma!
That’s right! That’s right! Vote: Bloom! (Stoners beware: you can vote till Sunday night UK time)

I guess, nobody reads this.. or it simply isn’t convincingly fun enough..
So here are some images to make it even more clear:
* BLOOM – The World For You
111111111thank you so much for baring through our biased call to vote.
You are wonderful.

…we will continue the list of compliments when your vote for Bloom has been completed.

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