FETTER – FETTER (The Ego Album)

Artist: FETTER
title: FETTER (The Ego Album)
keywords: electronic, experimental, floating, singer-songwriter, tripping, melodic, amsterdam

Jessica Tucker produced, composed, played and sang for you to create a very ear pleasing lovely album under her moniker named ‘Fetter’. It starts very pretty with a melody and all-round sound full of love, warmth and it really works as a lovely welcome. You automatically feel at home and slipped off your shoes at the front door even without someone asking for it.

Settled in a comfortable comfort ‘Fetter’ continues to impress with a well balanced dreamy mixture of trip rhythm and her vocal mixed through each-other to form a clone of Jessica Tuckers to create the perfect glow to tuck yourself away in.

From here it’s time to do something in return, and it’s kind of our task to provide Fetter with what she is singing about in her next song. ‘Feed my Ego’ takes up the sound of trippy nightlife, it’s a cool tune with a Lo-fi feel, groove, punky, cool and tough. It’s now time to show your appreciation for the dance music that might move mountains by dancing a wild dance with moving limbs in such a way that Jessica Can see it from her ego throne. If you can’t dance for whatever reason it might be the perfect time to bring complimentary feathers and donate them to Fetter; this tune is definitely deserving some, so you better give it to her.

Fetter takes up a more intimate song and sound with ‘Persuasion’, going personal while it takes a step back in speed, almost like slowly delivering it step by step. The main steps are provided by the baseline, nearly decorated with kind electronic decorations to form the perfect stage of intimacy to sing / speak her persuasion song on.

This song gently floats into a short master piece (got to keep on feeding Jessica Tucker’s ego, eh?) which delivers the act of ‘saving daytime’ in Music form. It’s a fun track that makes me imagine the artist running around with a net to normally catch butterflies with, but now waving it in the air to catch day time. In this short track Fetter manages to even slip in a opera-esque voice, which came as a welcoming surprise!

The voice of Fetter, aka Jessica Tucker really seems to wrap herself in to the chill zone of soul, she sings and waves her vocal in a way that you can only listen to it with your own vocal sounds switched off. This is the only way to really sink and suggest in a respectful way into the ‘odd dimension’ that she creates with her electronic soul food of music. I wonder if she silences the audience at her upcoming gig at Gifgrond?

To proof that the artist named Fetter can drive the chilly road of awesomeness without having her voice exploring words as a weapon on the for front, she kindly provides a dreamy melodic progression named ‘posted fantasy’ to this ego feeding album. The synth sounds used bring some kind of intimate whaling on their own, creating an atmosphere in which I could imagine a future of flying dolphins in pretty glitter costumes.


Sorry, I was dreaming away. Next and last track is ‘boy forget about world’ which if you are a boy with heavy youth dementia could probably function as your own private theme tune, although if you had been in a dreadful forgetful state like that you’ll probably forget about it before even knowing about it. In any case it’s a dreamy and kind warm end of this lovely electronic melodic and dreamy album. (And I’m not even saying this to help feeding Fetter or Jessica Tucker’s ego). In any way it’s a lovely discovery if you are into personal heartfelt electronic music and accompanied by a soulful and kind sounding voice you certainly should check it out at the following link:

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    Wanted for some time to post something about Fetter aka Jessica Tucker and now I can thanks to Yeah I Know it Sucks. Try to visit her site as it has much of her creative sound, video and installation work on it.

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