Indifferent Spaces – IS9.ADHD

Artist: Indifferent Spaces
title: IS9.ADHD
keywords: diy,experimental, outsider, music, singer songwriter, Krakow
label: Weakie Discs

ADHD friends who are easily bored will dig running into the following release of Indifferent Spaces; It’s one blast of hyper hyperactive material to bounce your head on, with a groove of swinging bombastic beats and rhythm teaming up with a whole discovery of unsuspected music bits that are there to never ever bore you.

From swinging funny melodies, odd out of the blue samples, sniping unheard off funkiness, woozy distorted base kicks, synthesizer greatness, gamers friendly 8bit, balloon comedy, techno, Balkan bits, future industrial, hip hop, science fiction randomness and tight drum n bass cartoon madness. The tunes that Indifferent Spaces brought to this wonderful release are composed in such an original way that it brings (the on paper) impossible music combinations and styles together in a way that all makes sense.

It’s really cool to hear this perfect mash up of all kind of music styles captured in one & above all that; its lots and lots of energetic fun too!
A perfect release to play when you need music to get things done, a groovy funky pleasure that will definitely bring good music in a way you’ve probably never heard it before! And you know what? It’s totally free! Just head over to the following link and enjoy the best music you’ll hear all day:

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1 Response to Indifferent Spaces – IS9.ADHD

  1. Linda says:

    Perhaps a bit too short to get things done, but the review and album are spot-on!

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