The Space Lady – The Space Lady’s Greatest Hits

Artist: The Space Lady
title: The Space Lady’s Greatest Hits
keywords: electronic, independent, synth, whatever, London
label: Night School

I must have been living under the ground too much not to have heard of The Space Lady before. But all changed when a good music loving friend (Graham Boosey) dropped the word of the (to me mysterious) ‘the space lady’ in my eyes. My friend was going to see The Space Lady perform in London and knowing him taking the effort to go; this must be very special stuff!

Clueless and curious person that I was, I asked who the Space Lady was and my friend gave a nice short answer for me to scratch the surface of this (to me previously unknown) magic on. Here is what he answered when asked who this special lady was:

“”She originally worked as a street musician back in Boston, with a beaten up accordion, in the 60s but then bought an old Casio keyboard. She, along with her partner created The Space Lady Character, singing cover versions and a couple of originals using the keyboard and an echo vocal, whilst wearing a hat with wings on it.””

Of course my friend kept on talking with much more in-depth details of a fan based fanatic order, but to me this short outtake of his answer was enough to even be more intrigued by this Space Lady. I envisioned the spirit of the street Viking ‘Moondog’ in my head who said; don’t google, just listen and find out the truth for yourself. At that moment Graham passed me the magic key, a link to an greatest hits album by The Space Lady and from there all started to go a little bizarre…

I forgot about the conversation, I forgot about the chat, I forgot about my surroundings and everyday life troubles and happenings; suddenly I was floating in a hypnotic substance that was music of a very special and indeed magical kind. Somewhere I must have clicked the link and pressed ‘play’ and from that moment on I was completely mesmerized; sitting on a soft warm sincere sounding cloud transported to a lovely place in which nothing else mattered.

This was a world surreal and beautiful, simple and honest, dreamy and spacious; music from a time in between times. The sound of the future and the past & the sound of the past and the future; both happening right now, in the ‘now’. It truly captivated me in a warm and kind loving way. It was a true revelation to finally discover the music of The Space Lady, and it made me wonder what other miraculous music had been out there  jumping up and down avoiding my ear holes?

Of course the album consist of many tracks, originals and original covers (which are covers so unique it gives you the opportunity to enjoy these songs in a completely new ‘Space Lady’ light; so pretty, hypnotizing and dreamy. You can feel the spiritual wisdom within the soothing voice that collides in an equal way to the pleasant Casio constructions. In no time I felt like being under hypnosis of organic eccentric wisdom and love.

It’s as if the folk singing musician had been beamed up from earth and went for a marvelous ride in a space ship; futuristic and retro, sweet, kind and strangely energetic too. This floating cloud of music that you will be seated on just keeps on moving; probably the catchy baselines are a great part of this secretive soothing energy source over here.

In other words; the Space Lady’s music is pretty much out of this world, and it’s beautiful! Jump on board of this musical cloud and start to float in a hypnotized bliss over at the following link:

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  1. Feminatronic says:

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    Finally on my Monday round up here is a review of The Space Lady. They say never meet your heroes but thankfully I ignored that and here is proof. I spent Saturday evening in the company of a legend, in my view, and a genuine human being. Oh and she is a wizz on the Casio. Don’t be deceived by the minimal tech, the sound was ace and mesmerising.

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