Gareth Davis & Merzbow – Atsusaku

Artists: Gareth Davis & Merzbow
Title: Atsusaku
format: LP
Keywords: ambient, experimental, drones, noise, harsh noise, field recordings, improvisation, Amsterdam
Label: moving furniture records

Lets pretend we have never heard of these two well-known artists… I know it’s hard… I know it isn’t easy to let go of name recognition and the so called grounded opinions one might have attached to one of these artists… But let’s give it a try. Let us be unbiased listeners and just listen to what these people have to offer, without falling for the trap of what is hip and what’s not.


with my ears wide open I can hear that these *never heard before* artists are making a whole lot of noise. In fact it’s quite gruesome how it suddenly smears itself into the earlobes like a gigantic stream of diarrhea perfectly injected for an speed freak junkie. The noise sound shoots like a garden hose that had escaped out of a neighbors hand while giving his plants water…

There is an harsh amount of high voltage sounds mixed in, and it’s streaming hard out of the speakers and seems to be an endless happening that at first might electrify people, but strangely it seems to that you’ll be able to get used to it. There are some moments that it flows in different directions, a bit fuller or a bit more muffled; but it keeps on racing like a formula F car without the ability to brake.

Of course there is a fair amount of (what seems to be) distorted screaming, but it isn’t surprising as hearing this; who wouldn’t want to scream? I would scream if there was no brake, but to be honest this amount for annihilation of unstoppable speed noise named ‘Haihan’ is enough for any sensible fruitcake to scream for their mommies and daddies!

The other collaborative work (Kyouhan) is more up my alley, keeping up the business but coming across less harsh and panicky. It simply feels more natural to me, as if it’s the sound of a digital nature captured in an electrifying kind of jungle filled with strange bird like creatures and executions of a certain high voltage. Digital streams of torturous water flows, imaginable chainsaw-animals and other wild life (and mysterious opera vocals) that definitely doesn’t come across like something you should encounter down here on planet earth.

It is one of the more delicate sides of the record, perhaps stepping a step down from the full amount of overwhelming aggression to show a more beautiful side to the noise that these two legends have collaborated on. It keeps it harsh, and it’s moving like a jet stream without showing signs of stopping; yet it feels much more approachable and psychedelic then the more bombastic side of the story.

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