Melonclad – Melonclad EP

artist: Melonclad
title: Melonclad EP
keywords:  experimental gregorian chant melonclad spoken word strange Shoreline

Extraordinaire music by world renowned and one of the most sensational bands out there ‘melonclad’. That is what you can find on this ‘work in progress’ from 2014. Will the work in progress ever progress, only ‘melonclad’ knows… But the things that this amazing band has placed on this so called work in progress should be enough to get an fair impressive impression of how awesome and amazing Melonclat is.

Chants, flutes, covers, rhythms, swinging tambourines, a singer with a beard growing inside his throat, wicked acoustics, and enjoyable melodies. It’s possible to leave the description a bit vague and leave this special release in progress up to you to hear and explore, but hell; I can give some inside information…

The amazing work in progress starts with the most prettiest work ever; full of a beautiful interaction between a melodic flute and humans. It’s the music you listen to in silence just to hear how beautiful and fun it is, or you might even jump in and sing (or whistle) along with this pretty song. It’s so recommended you hear it, I’ll be glad to hold you by the hand and let you press that freaking ‘play’ button.

If you play you might hear more other amazing music and outstanding tunes. As a work in progress we can only pray that there will be more from where this lunacy had come from…

It’s a windy day outside’ is this other happy warrior friendly music highlight in which a delicate groove meets instinctual music that roaring lions will absolutely love and adore. But humans like you and me (i presume you are a human?) are probably even more wowed away! The flute plays a jolly good melody, making this tough mythical music piece of strength into one that is playful and happy! Melonclad is just so impressive!

And Melonclad saves the best for last with the wonderful sounding happy-go-lucky pretty tune named Susheel. And I’m not aware of they are aware that we are listening it in the year of the monkey, but coincidence or not; there is an actual monkey in there! And the monkey is simply perfect in ending the melodic & rhythmic experience with its beautiful monkey business. There might be some humans in the end too, but monkeys and humans… Aren’t we all the same? I’m 200 % sure that whatever we are (monkey or human) you’ll probably like the entertaining value available at the following link:

As a wish for bonus material.. here is a video of Melonclad’s cover version (that will make the original look like a shit) of the famous ‘Stand By Me’ song… enjoy!


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1 Response to Melonclad – Melonclad EP

  1. Marsh Melon says:

    Hi there, thank you for this eloquent review of my band’s EP. Our greatness can truly never be understated. Please check out our debut album “Here Goes Nothing” and our festive follow-up, “A Melonclad Christmas.”

    Cheers and you’re welcome,
    Marsh Melon (member and producer of Melonclad)

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