Hypercube – Limb Monitor

Artist: Hypercube
title: Limb Monitor
keywords: electronic, industrial, experimental, clicks, IDM
label: MAV http://mavrecords.webs.com/

Think of a modern day super high tech robo-cop without being a copper. Something half machine half robot with electric circuits instead of blood and veins, a force that steps around with an unpassable authority. Every step it makes, electric ping pong sounds could be picked up; clearly data is getting processed and faxed, mailed and text with every inch of movement.
This is a mechanic-being super top notch, clearly created in a secret science lab for Goth knows what kind of purpose. Probably not made to be a music instrument, but hearing it; it fits this purpose perfectly. Especially when a rapper sticks down some words of revolution onto this mechanoid’s chest, this bounces back to showcase the matching capability of this recycled robo-cop type turned instrument. Let’s call it the robocopa-electricsockanoid.

Systems might go berserk, quiet failures, electronic shortcuts, glitches etc. All things this non-specific electric species is spending a lot of time on. You can imagine that the half electronic-humanoid-techno-robotronic-machinery might not always have time to walk the streets in gangster areas, as you could clearly hear that it needs time off too; checking its wrists watches, poking around in its own circuits with a screw driver; plugging its own plugs into the nearest electric charging point.

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