keywords: ambient, angry,
label: for/wind
reviewer: Audio Hater

Oh my gosh! I don’t know about you but I’m so angry! I don’t know what it is & even that in itself pisses me off! I guess to have woken up by stepping out on the wrong side of the bed; slipping out over a pair of slippers and a dead body with my eyes bruised from a bar fight the night before… gosh what a hell was that! Some guy kept on ordering orange juice and with his orange juice breathe would not stop letting me know how much he loved orange juice & how healthy it is… gosh, don’t they know that orange juice is disgusting? And gosh how I hate it when people are sitting in a pub drinking orange juice… I mean it makes me not just angry; furious!!

I don’t know I guess it’s good that today the suckers asked me to listen to angry ambient part 2… angry ambient sounds pretty up my alley, but part 2?! Why couldn’t they give me part 1? Everyone knows part 2 always sucks more than the original… oh gosh this stuff makes me so angry! You know I can’t stand being second? It’s unfair! Life is unfair, everything sucks and why did that orange loving idiot punch both my eyes to pulp? Does he like his orange juice with pulp inside? Ohh gosh I’m so angry!

Anyway it’s all nice and well setting me up with the task to hear this part 2 (oh gosh I’m boiling over from even more anger!) but you know what? With my eyes beaten to pulp by the orange juice lover it’s impossible to even see the link I have to follow to hear this angry ambient release… and that is a fact that is making me lose my shit from pure anger! Now I want to hear this part 2 but I can’t seem to find it with my pulverized eyes wide shut. Oh gosh so many frustrations… so incredibly angry!

You know what? F*ck it! Let me just tell you to just hear this album and leave me the hell alone! Listen to these angry ambient tracks, let these ambient tones and angry drones punch you on the nose, piss in your ears and pull out your eyebrows with its pure ambient angering sounds! Just do it, as it’s by far better than being stuck with me and my inabilities to do my job because I can’t freaking see! Oh and if you are the orange juice drinker from yesterday night? I hope these angry ambient pieces screw you up so hard that you will only be able to suck oranges through a catheter!

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