Е.Б.Н (ЕльцЫн Был Нойзкощиком) – Dance Core Party (vol. 3) (Live) (2017)

Artist: Е.Б.Н (ЕльцЫн Был Нойзкощиком) title: Dance Core Party (vol. 3) (Live) (2017)
Keywords: Electronic, Noise, Experimental

If you are interested in Harsh Russian dancing noise you might be able to still your thirst for information with this Dance Core Party (vol. 3) (Live). Don’t be too fooled by the harsh noise anti music sign on the front cover as this is definitely recognizable dancing music and not a long steamy cloud of harsh noise.

A very lengthy rhythmic session of a primitive electronic kick and snare doing beats that might feel like someone is typing tens of essays on a old typewriter. It’s a very speedy typer, with hyper speed fingers banging almost soeedcore kind of dance music for (probably) Russians to kick their feet and dance too.

Non Russians could join too, just open the mind, suck up some vodka and blast this lengthy release and see what it does for you. Here I changed into a drunk lifeless blob that couldn’t move, dreamed with eyes open of office workers typing on type writers and some fax machines going mental… but maybe the lack of vodka and cold might have been the missing elements over here to get the energy for a engaging Russian harsh dance session… I’ll try it out another time, will you come and join me?

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