Jan Strach – Bjurwa Fantomatyczna

Artist: Jan Strach
Title: Bjurwa Fantomatyczna
Keywords: experimental pop jan strachlo-fi noisepop poland polish post-punk psychedelicunderpolen Poznań
Label: underpolen http://underpolen.blogspot.com/

Jan Strach is back and better than ever! This one man personality band will rock and shock your world with his brand of ultimate Casio pop madness! He will rock out and knock you out mortal combat style, bringing a seductive pink blend of bagpipe electro that will make you want to forget about gel and instead use superglue in your hair! Jan Strach pimped up the social norm by adding enough hallucinative madness with expressive vocals and big pounding beats & a hell lot of love to his stadium filler of an album! Holding up candles while struggling with your Mohawk made of superglue is a real thing with Jan Strach at the steering wheel!

Many agree, his brand of unprecedented music that blends everything together with a fine punk attitude is something that might be close to putting yourself in the washing machine and tumble finely around, giving you concrete bruises and happiness at the sane times! The most amazing thing is that Jan manages to make the seemingly mess impressively sounding together, creating recognizable pop formats that are absolutely out of this world and yet so digestible! There is no genre you could place this man’s music under, and if you would he would easily escape it like a magnificent Houdini!

Even the ballads are so unlike anything else, making the most obnoxious sounds like the most sensible backdrops around, caressing and carrying the passionate vocals of this devotional artist on both hands even if these hands are fairly intoxicated and illustriously strange! He even makes beauty erupts within these expressions of out of the cupboard music bites! It’s superbly impressive and defies all boundaries & probably give anyone into classifications and genres a true headache!

Within this album Jan Strach becomes the anti hero – hero! Defies all the norm and does it in a socially acceptable way; rocks out in the uncommon grounds of experiment, applies poppy formats to the most obscure corners of sound and music! With melodies, energy, singing and all that you could ever imagine, this Beethoven of the times has no problem to amaze anyone in particular fashion! How he does it? Nobody knows! But the result are all that speak for themselves! Hearing them on headphones in full stereo might even make you feel like you have ended up listening to an alien pop radio station of the near future and the motherf@cking past! Damn, Jan Strach has outdone himself in any possible way!

The amazing album also features the mega hit that will raise mayhem in the hit parades all over the world! Nagle Nic! It is as if chickens have teamed up with the mad drummer from the muppets, thrown in some sexy moans, amazing happy melodic madness and a silo full of feel good pinky punk craziness! It will be hard to find a person who doesn’t love this! And yes, the text might be polish but still the world wide community will love it tremendously nonetheless!

If you (for any reason) prefer it to be a bit more relaxed, Jan Strach will also serve you with this album, providing you a bunch of goosebumps generated by a lively played tripped-out synth and pretty dreamy bell-like bubbles. But in general Jan Strach plays out energetic business that rocks in unclassified ways! The man is a king in this experimental field of playing music that feels identifiable & yet screwing all that is identifiable at the same time; super fun! Ultra mad & basically… in all seriousness… pretty much genius!

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