various artists – Soft Bodies Bleed Out

Artists: various

Title: Soft Bodies Bleed Out

Keywords: alternative ambient electronic experimental haunting psychedelic London

Are you ready for a must hear compilation of good vibes, synth bliss, raw humanness, music from other dimension & psychedelics? This Soft Bodies compilation might be for you!

Quimper’s Gentle Souls opens up like a lovable intoxication full of mystery,

one that slightly drowns its way into your ears. It made me think of a muffled brain, seduced by warm witchcraft in audio form; a more welcoming track this Soft Bodies compilation couldn’t wish for! From here the collection smoothly moves into Opendoor‘s Angelic. One that brings an electronic bliss in calm clearness, smooth huggable depth that freshly sizzles along like a massage for music lovers.

After being smothered in kind electronica, The Cleaners From Venus brings back a more humane approach with a fruitfully raw song named “Lunatic Lantern”. It got everything a dedicated follower of The Cleaners From Venus would love to hear, but will probably also be able to open the eyes and ears of potential new fans. They sound very relaxed, drowsy, like bolsters with a strong heart that no one will be able to take down! A band that should be cherished and appreciated & if you have the chance to do so; please do!

A perfect transition leads to ‘Night Heron’s 3am’ which is one of my personal favorite ones on the compilation, super smooth and very nightly; making me feel like I’ve been hugged while sleep walking. But the sweet dreamy sound of Night Heron also sits next to another tune of a different caliber that you would probably appreciate. It’s the Midwich Youth Club with ‘Time To Get Things Done’ which comes across like quirky fun, perfect for cleaning up, doing exercises or simply move around in a busy but jolly way. It made me think of music that would suit an adventure in Tim and Eric Awesome Show…

another cool moment of music on this compilation gets served up by the Wizards Tell Lies. With the epic sounding ‘The Roestenberg Statement’ experimentation and synthesizer bigness teams up with grandiose drums, it’s catchy and has a great replay value, yet Jodie Lowther’s ‘The Butterfly Is Ending Soon’ moves into it so perfectly that it feels like it’s all wonderfully connected and you actually just should continuously play the entire collection on repeat.

More goodness comes with Squadron Scramble’s F302, a spacious synth tune with an very bright uplifting theme… it simply couldn’t be better! But that being said; you wouldn’t have taken account that there would be Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin (featuring Norwood Grimes) doing a ‘Monosaccharide Inducer’ on this compilation! Holy smokes! They come rocking out hard with a catchiness that feels like it is made in a complete different dimension and has the powers to step into this one & brings heads in turmoil in both the dimensions at the same time!

A smooth groove established by a friendly baseline and melody also brightens things life up after all this earth time warping. This time it’s brought by Panamint Manse and goes so smoothly that it makes me feel like I’ve just had my pubes removed without even knowing that it had been done; amazing! I know, nobody wants to know about pubes, but it’s a nice link to ‘object of revulsion’ a psychedelic track by Carya Amara. I don’t know how it works, but it really sucked me into this spacious bland of musicology with tripping benefits!

All goes so superbly well on this Soft Body compilation, all good vibes, different styles and yet very much a pact between them. The lovely sounding Quimper sets it off into the sunshine with a kind and meaningful sounding goodbye and than it’s simply time to play the whole lot again!


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