MARIO GUIDA – TiLT {serie2}

Title: TiLT {serie2}
Keywords: experimental, noise, drone, Augsburg
Label: attenuation circuit

With a true delicious kind of distortion this release of audio immediately starts to mess up the silence. It’s like a slamming effect that with every high pitched punch has a troubled after touch of screeching noise at hand. It doesn’t get any lighter, as throughout the album the sound of destruction might come in various ways; they still have no potential intentions to hide and be something that they aren’t; it’s a full on heavy load of ear perforation.

It’s a way of getting some holes for those piercings that you always had wanted perhaps, but still it is probably more painful than going to a piercing studio to get the ears pierced in a very different way. Besides this audio work has more of a buzz to it, takes also a lot longer to succeed with its harsher attacks. Ideal for someone who doesn’t like to have pain for a second, but prefers it to establish itself for a nice longer period of time. They shake and thrill, stab and potentially kill.

At the moment I believe to have discovered that the high frequencies also help a lot to piss off mosquitoes; normally I would have been surrounded by these hungry creatures that see me as their restaurant, but thanks to this album they aren’t even in sight! A great mosquito repellent! , who would have thought?! No more messing around with creams and sprays; it’s the harsh distorted noise by Mario Guida that they seem to dislike… a amazing discovery, right?

An amazing beneficial release so it seems. Enough lengthy pain to pleasure a masochist, free holes pierced in your ears for all your jewelry to hang in & ideal material to bring with you to areas in which hungry mosquitoes see you as their favorite restaurant. Check it out over here if that’s what you need, like or have to do:

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