Fox – (uncut) Rap Therapy

Artist: fox
Title: (uncut) Rap Therapy
Keywords: hip-hop/rap alternative hip-hop art rap experimental hip-hop lo-fi hip hop underground hip hop Brazil

Rappers, rap acts, hip hop artists and producers roaming around in these worldly arts sending in their releases. It’s cool, as we are open for all & always up to hear some descent human beings expressing themselves. Yet, I never know what to say about them. I simply don’t know anything about anything rap wise, which makes it hard to say if something is good or bad, if it sounds like this or that..

I can only report on how things make me feel & for most of these send in releases I feel slightly indifferent. But this one here, by a certain Fox is definitely a different kind of cake. I like how this Fox had simply walked into my ears with no problem, how the backdrop of music has a more open minded and non conventional approach & how Fox sounds while spitting his heart out with subjects that are dear and close to him.

You can hear his sincerity in every corner of his words, dedicating it to the people he loves and will love in the near future. Cutting through subjects that clear the man’s head as he vents it all out and about. His sincerity can be felt, but also his kindness and humanity. This is not one of those Hollywood baddies making rap look bad, this Fox is the polar opposite; keeping it as real as possible, close to home and pretty low-key! One human’s therapy is another humans pleasure!

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