Endless Chasm – Four Worlds

Artist: Endless Chasm
Title: Four Worlds
Keywords: experimental ambient ambient noise drone music sound art sound collage East Montpelier
Label: Histamine Tapes

Very softly – like approaching limping footsteps on a cold floor – this music approached me. Slowly but surely it revealed itself like a illustrious dark shadow growling from the other shadows. Heart beats might be not only beating from fear and excitement, they also might be very much at stake! But fear not, as it’s just the magic of constructed sound production,atmospheric rambling darkness coming at us like a killer that prefers a creepy slow walk instead of fast run and go!

Once the deity of sound had arrived it simply wanted to show us the pretty serene darkly warmth of a mysterious hidden existence of ‘four worlds’. They seem like surreal things to explore, quite large, somewhere in the depths of space between the untouchable and the unexplored. Considering the overall tone of these worlds it won’t be recommended as your brand new holiday destination, it doesn’t come across as the world’s that are blessed with excessive rays of sunshine. Even moonshine might be lacking.. the oddness is that it sounds a little breezy and cold, but it is also warm at the same time. Maybe a mild climate that has been barely lid and with a surface that feels like it’s not the one to find stability under. It’s more as if the mushrooms had kids ed in and the whole floor had been slipping away from under your previous feet. That seems to be the main ordeal here while visiting the sightings of the four worlds; is it strong enough to carry us all, to have any life forms living within these worlds? To my knowledge we are all alone here and it’s a true honor that the person behind this revelation had taken the time to come out of the shadows to reveal it..

Or does the captivating deliverer a secret agenda or goal? I ask myself this in the third section of this slow paced audio sci-fi adventure. Apparently here we are on fire and the deity who had came out of the shadow realms to take us to these four worlds is asking us to hold on, embrace it’s burning flesh with our one; smoking together like a fuming steak on a barbecue that went slightly wrong. The creepy thing over here is that even that we are on fire, the atmosphere drops down the heart rate as if it had been deeply frozen into a good working freezer. It’s slow and panic is seemingly non existential over here.

After the barbecue of our very own selves, the story continues by leaving our ears like left over seeds on top of the mysterious soil. They might have fallen off and be saved from the flames of the fire, remarkably working fine as they lay there lonely together. The soil is making sound, a mysterious dark brewing one that seems to be alive and odd. Maybe the soil itself is the actual life form in this unknown place, revealing itself only to the ones who dare to enter the realm of shadowy music.

All the way at the end our lonely ears are aging on the fourth world. Even though lose ears can’t walk or fly, the world itself seems to change around us, giving information and ear-views that could not be given through normal eye sight. It’s mostly dimmed and recklessly dark, but the ears are treated with a certain delight of care, a cold case of kindness and a surreal at ease peacefulness. But not the entire time as this fourth world has its uprisings, its sweat outbursting alien calls that feel like howls howling out to mate with other planets. It’s mating calls are thrilling my ears and if I had still a heart left, it would probably beat with the same kind of excitement that a biologist would have when discovering a brand new species! But after that? A realm of peace, an emptiness of unknown unknowns. No beginning, no endings; just our ears hopelessly exposed with no legs to make a move. Feel like joining this situation? Pop in and follow the foot steps:

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