Norwood Grimes – Debris

Artist: Norwood Grimes
Title: Debris
Keywords: adelaide electronic experimental avant-garde short songs slack strange weird Australia

All the way at the beginning of cult album ‘Debris’ Norwood Grimes scratches the imagination and rips open the carpet of the mind. By doing so he reveals a seventies cult horror realm . Something that at first sounds fitting to the classic ‘don’t look in the basement’ movie, but soon goes into a more psychedelic ratatouille that slips into more fun and crazier directions. In the Hollywood basement version you might find dead bodies from doctors, as insane patients (posing as doctors) had now taken over the asylum… but going down the basement of the one that Norwood Grimes had presented leads to the asylum’s most charismatic lunatics.

No death and decay here, but individuals posing as tracks, all coming with their own backgrounds, sounds and melodic characters. You can hear their mentalities, some up to no good, some twisted minds, wrapped egos, but always interesting and with odd visions. We might even find a alien character trying to pass off as human, a good one among the basement based family. Strangely the lunatics over here are so diverse and bizarre that the alien’s presence is simply safe and secret over there.

These people dressed as all these pieces of creative melodic music come with all their human needs and deeds. There extraordinary characters reveal that they have no shame or vroom to expose their inner thoughts and outside looks. Hell, they will even expose you to a showcase of unimaginable orgasms; underlining that these tracks are of the exhibitionistic kind. They all want to be seen, heard and have no worries about what you think about them and their ‘crazy’ actions, they do what they want and do what they do. And when you are there, the more of a weirdo you are; the more you feel at home and free among them! Get to know these characters of Debris by diving down these stairs & meet the whole cast of interesting individuals.

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