Macchiato Funky – BUGELLA 20-50


title: BUGELLA 20-50
artist:  Macchiato Funky
tags: pop, acoustic, electronica, experimental, folk, Italy
label: La bèl netlabel

First and foremost I took the liberty of COPY & PASTING to ensure that the accent mark in bel was present. Attention to detail folks.

Anyways, let’s get it on with some groovy espresso. Although, as I think of what a Macchiato Funky may taste like my mind goes to all sorts of horrible things, the mildest including it being topped with spoiled cream BUT I DIGRESS.

The music, rest assured is the kind of funky that makes your body want to move. If I had to describe it, it would be like easy listening pop-ish thing infused with some electronic synthy things.

Take for example, No Noise Nose. It goes along all nice with the guitars and then these shutter synths come in (I call them this because there is a distinct synthesizer noise that reminds me of a camera shutter noise and hence that classification FOR THOSE THAT WANTED TO KNOW) I was feeling tired but now I am in the moment.

Godere Supremo was so groovy I decided to go back and listen to it again when I should have been on Ascolta. Head bobs and weaves galore for sure, or maybe some sort of fly ride down the street in your bitchin automobile. Or if you’re more the walkin type, perhaps strutting down the street.

Ascolta brings the mood down a little. I want to listen to this in the rain for some reason. It’s got that vibe. Some unsettling highs come in, drive home the mood before getting into a more bittersweet bossa nova vibe.  Whilst doing so I’m browsing some of the la bel catalogue and I see many a familiar sight. Without having realized it I have listene—holy fuck the sequence coming in around 2:44 is fantastic. It’s pulling me into these nice phases of listening, of things that sound slightly off, and warped and that feeling of a most wonderful journey is about to begin, until it is sectioned into a croon.

Sospeso just feels right. I can’t come close to explaining it. But it’s just yes. That’s pretty much all I have to say. *sways back and forth* Is this baby making music? I think so. Holy fuck, this is awesome.

I became a bit zoned out there. Hm some far away sounds. It’s warm. No Maggiore sidles onto the scene. Also sidles into more of the funk. I think I mentioned it was easy because it’s soft and can come in virtually any moment or time of day, etc. There are certain songs/music that I tend to listen to depending on whether it’s night etc. but yeah anyways.

Denso comes in (sorry, it is ridiculously hot in my apartment, and in my paranoid delusions the downstairs neighbors have the heat on because that’s the only explanation). Well crap, Denso ended while I was paying attention to that and opening the window. It was definitely playing I can tell you that.

MMM, changes the tone a little bit. A little bit more motion. The mood is changed. Bouncier a little I think. Maybe more like swathes of stretching rather than the bumping your body to more moving the whole thing in one fluid motion etc. I don’t know it was something like that. Oh man that vocal bit at the end there reminded me of another song.

Tè verde just makes me things of hipsters and photo filters. My bad.

Ramona seemingly continues this trend. To me it sounds kind of sappy, which I’m never really particularly in the mood for, so there is that. If you are into that kind of feeling though, then sweet. This track is for you.

Well, that didn’t end very well for me but I would say mostly solid album nonetheless. Sospeso by itself was worth it, i. m. o.

So if you want some funky, chill, “good time” vibes check it out below:



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