Razat – Saturation

Title: Saturation
Keywords: bass beats drum & bass electronic experimental halftime hip hop instrumental neuro psychedelic street toofuture trip hop. breaks weird Hamburg

With a simplicity that is hard like a raw punch to the guts, this awesome release kicked in! Pots and pans fall down and out of the cabinets, plates broke in many pieces and windows started to crack. Luckily YIKIS had been insured for these kind of fatal music happenings, I would have said ‘happy little accidents’ but think that Bob Ross has claimed the rights to that one. In any case the fatness of this album by Razat certainly doesn’t suck, but ‘yeah’ cleaning up all the mess after it had done its damage might be a bit of a pain.

I would almost have used the opportunity to say ‘pain in the ass’ but I don’t think we should say that unless a piece of glass ended up in someone’s behind. If anything, the vibrations as pushed out by the music is actually pretty nice in the ass, making it all vibrate strong and pleasantly.

Even the ears started to wobble along the super imposed basses and bombastic beats. Pulsating the blood cells like they had never done before, mixed-up my hair until the roots got unrooted and all fell out! Thanks to ‘saturation’ by Razat the place became a mess & I had gained a brand new free haircut.. is it a haircut when all hairs are pulled out with roots and all? In any case ‘things’ happened when this album played. And you are free to find out what happens in your own environment when blasting this one through your own space:

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