Suzanne Peeters – A Very Shorty Introduction to Actually Being

Artist: Suzanne Peeters
Title: A Very Shorty Introduction to Actually Being
Keywords: experimental frederique masquet joop maas meridith black mortengo string quartet siebrand vos suzanne peeters Leiden
label: Smikkelbaard

Suzanne Peeters has done it again; releasing wonderfully composed minimal drama music on the netlabel that bares great risks to a person’s career ; Smikkelbaard. With a whole arsenal of good will, a five-people orchestra sets her music notations into the sceneries of reality. With the platonic sense of emotion they make her compositions come alive, poking into breath taking charming scenes and touching them up with the help of a grand piano (as executed by the hands of Joop Maas), Mallets (as played by a certain Frederique Masquet) , Percussion (by the legendary Meredith Black) electronics (as performed by nobody less than Siebrand Vos) and strings by the unmistakable Mortengo String Quartet. The result? Music that feels like it is made for a movie that is very hard to see & yet (somehow) begs to be seen!

Apparently it is made for a short film titled ‘The life and times of Siddhartha Gautama’ but the soundtrack itself seems to have lived up to the task of living a life on its very own. And gladly so! The minimal structures leave plenty of space to a person’s imagination, constructed as if they kept room for whatever laid visually ahead, politely dancing under it by being there, but not wanting to disturb. It’s all very nice and gentle, some times I wished it stepped up more upfront to hit that emotional snare a bit harder, but than again; the art of being Zen and consistent in what you perform and present is one that seems to be well executed over here. You could make a bird out of a feather, but the art of keeping a feather as a feather; should be the wise wisdom behind this way of composing. It takes meditation and being harmoniously content to a new respectable level & if that make a listener drift into a certain sleep, than you might expect seeing a movie in your own private cinema theater. Suzanne Peeters gives you thankfully the uncredited singing birds at the final end, making sure to make a person’s little musical journey into a happy friendly one. Feel free to dream away by hopping into this supporting soundtrack over here:

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