Black Mountain Transmitter – Black Goat Of The Woods

Artist: Black Mountain Transmitter
Title: Black Goat Of The Woods
Keywords: electronics experimental horror lovecraft noise radiophonic weird atmospheric dark horror occult ritual soundtrack United Kingdom
Label: Lysergic Earwax

I woke up covered in a layer of angst converted to sweat, it was still pitch dark out there and even the moon seemed to have taken a run for its money. All alone while obviously awakened by a nightmare of a mushy swampy woods occupied by a creepy goat (and scary toad friends) I realized the scary bits had been far from over. The room that I had attempted to sleep in looked different, as if unreal, playing around with moving shadows and the illusions triggered by a soundtrack that had seemingly had come from nowhere.

I touched my own legs and found out to be more hairy then usual, feet seemed to have turned into hooves and even though I freaked out; the fear had tranquilized me into the state of a paralyzed vegetable. I tried to reach for the light switch but there was none; and slowly but surely the room disappeared into the night, leaving me exposed to a dark sky occupied with some left over flickering stars and the cold dense surroundings of the creepy swamp that I had just awoken from..

..oh, how I hate to wake up from a nightmare within a nightmare; those are the worst! But thanks to year’s of mindful brain training I could pick myself up to finally move up and walk around. I touched myself and found out that I had turned into the goat myself, something that might be beneficial as now I didn’t have reasons to fear it; only fear itself. I took the opportunity to check out the creepy environment, stepped among the muddy grounds, followed the external odd sounds of bizarre things in the night, grabbed my pagan pan flute and blew some notes for calming effects.

No music came out, only blubbery sounds of wetness; the failures of music skills mixed with goat saliva. There I walked and walked, fully transcribed as the animal that I had turned into, ballet dancing on tones that nightmares had been made out off. It was good that goats like me aren’t wearing pants as I might had to soil it from scariness. I heard crashes from a drum in the sky, could hear the sounds that would make the blood in my goat soul pump faster than expected, almost giving me a panic attack.. a silly thing as I was clearly the only one here in the woods to be truly panicked by. I realized this when I fell face down in a puddle, seeing my goat face and hearing it mumble in a half human / half goat language.

It was here that I woke up again, this time as myself in a more stable version of reality. Here I quickly opened up a electronic device, typed in the words that you might have attempted to read right here and uploaded it quickly onto the terrifying real life place called the internet.
I’ve also had to place the following link to it, don’t know why, or how.. but if I didn’t, I knew the nightmares of last night would return.. I got to pass it on as sharing is caring, besides (I heard it!) it’s a proper intriguing movie soundtrack that might play some creepy tricks on your own mind. Oh, I hear some doom-clocks ringing their bells, this nightmare might be far from over!

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