Bruce McClure & Bjørn Hatleskog – The Stubborn Organic Emblem of Social and Biological Survival

artists: Bruce McClure & Bjørn Hatleskog
title: The Stubborn Organic Emblem of Social and Biological Survival
label: Adaadat
tags: story, teller, drone, electro, acoustic, this, is, what, happens, when, I, can’t, just, copy, and, paste, tags, over, you’re, welcome, the, man, who, would, be, king, was, a, good, movie

This was quite an interesting concept. Right from the get go. So much so, that I am rather surprised that it hasn’t been done more often. Drones set to stories? It seems all too easy, really.

Of course, execution is of another matter. You have people actually trying to hone their craft and those that just try to ride the next popular wave in order to get the most cash by trying to take advantage of a series of algorithms.

I can only imagine that the monotonous, hypnotic voice belongs to one Bruce McClure. The lull is both welcoming and slightly unsettling. Unfortunately, this can lead one down other abstract thoughts whilst the story unfolds in the background. Try as I might, the voice puts me more in a trance than actually filtering the words into meaningful text.

So then, that would leave the ever present Bjørn Hatleskog to the soundscapes twittering about behind the spoken tale. Whilst the voice can be relaxing, the background tinges it with a sense of foreboding, we were never meant to come here. Yet, we went there anyway.

There’s also something said about the verbiage chosen here. It definitely casts about a specific swagger, a droop here and there. A lot made out of nothing really. It’s one of those things that always sort of bothered me about any sort of story. How do things happen? It can be boiled down to x situation is introduced and then it’s a matter of how the players and the characters deal with this inserted event and then it’s resolved, somehow, and then the next event inserts itself into the timeline and we go along. Sure, you can throw in observations and feelings of the characters, but that’s mere fluff. Extensions, meaningless extensions of things that never really existed to begin with. A para-relation to ideas that won’t or don’t exist in life, for if they did, one would surely find it, no?

That’s just me being a pessimist, when I can’t find what I want, but that was a most major digression. Forgive me.

So, within these inserted events, we get into the body of the beast. The story! An affair between a plant and a man. An odd topic but interesting enough. All sorts of amusing happenings. I guess this is a preview, a brief exploration into a world most similar and most unknown.

Overall, it is a well crafted thing. It all builds upon itself and it is well done. Sadly, my attention span wanes so perhaps this is partially why these things are not done as often as I thought. It is tough to get these things across well, and to keep oneself attached to it, and I attach to so little these days…

At the very least, it is well worth a listen, and I hope you have enjoyed delving into the realms of interspecies relationships in a fictional setting.

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