microbit project – I love lowbit disco (megamix)

Artist: microbit project
Title: I love lowbit disco (megamix)
Keywords: Microbit-Rec, Microbit-Records Netlabel, microbit project, Disco, megamix, sampletronica, lobit, 16 kbps
Label: Microbit Records

Russian’s most beloved prolific artist, poet, music maker, label owner and probably professor of some kind is also the one responsible for the mega famous Microproject project. With this project he has conquered many hearts and souls, all delighted with millions of freely available music releases that have scattered all around and over the entire internet.

I will refrain from giving the name of this artist, so just to focus on him as his Microbit Project, as there is simply so much to hear that it will be just as impossible to get your head around the fact that he had made it all (i still secretly suspect multiple him’s, probably cloned up in his private laboratory all working together to create his enormous online empire of music delights and artistic happenings in all their possible ways.) but also how in the world anyone would be able to find and hear all of these excellent releases?

It’s like a mission impossible, one that makes climbing the Mount Everest seems as easy as eating a piece of cake. To write about these albums would be the work of a crazy person, as we would simply have no time to write about any other artist, band or music project around here. It would be Microbit project all day and night and that for many years to come. And if there would be space it would be posts about all the millions of side projects that the artist behind this project has…

we could in fact build an entire internet just for all the music that this artist had brought out; it’s that kind of craziness! And if you think; oh but if he is so prolific it must all be crap, than think again and do wash your mouth with soap as the answer is NO ! Whatever the artist does, which genre it touches (as this one covers all genres like a true adventurous experimentalist) it always is done in such a skillful quality. It’s just one bulging bulge of talent!

Just when I thought I knew about all these kind of genres that Microbit project had placed its fingers in, I suddenly came across this short but fun loving lobit disco release. I mean, it just proofs my point that Microbit project is like a fish that can swim in every scene, in every genre, in every music and non music style as if it’s his own cozy pond! So just to celebrate we should send him some love by doing what we might not have done before: dancing to Microbit’s lobit disco and feeling the love!

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