Drvg Cvltvre – Selected Ambivalent Works Volume I

artist: Drvg Cvltvre
Title: Selected Ambivalent Works Volume I
Keywords: electronic dark ambient degenerate doom experimental electronic field recordings noise psychedelic techno Washington
Label: Degenerate Trifecta

When Drvg Cvltvre is coming up with a release of ambient and fueled field recordings you might think ‘oh no!’ But don’t worry, the producer hasn’t gone soft or strayed away from his kick ass style of producing. In fact Drvg Cvltvre sounds very much like you would expect Drvg Cvltvre to sound like. Even here with this pretty release as Selected Ambivalent Works Volume II he goes for repetition, rhythm and psychoactive sounds to please his vast amount of followers.

Even if some of them might just float over the place like an artistic cloud of quasi pseudoscience, there still has this Drvg Cvltvre thing written all over it, as if he made the field recordings dance in techno lines of composition, directing them more like acid for the disturbed underground clubs than like poetic ambient pieces for the arty farty group that holds lectures on the upcoming open mic night.

Drvg Cvltvre keeps them all low on temperature, not too cold to make the environment into a freezer, but also not too warm to accidentally burn yourself on. Everything loops and goes on in repetitive ways for lengthy amounts of time, which really makes you want to be high of some kind, just screwed enough in order not to go loopy yourself and become positively nuts from feeling kinda trapped in these ambivalent works. It makes me wonder if the producer has a side job as drug dealer; he would certainly cash in, especially if these kind of trippy works would come with a special supply of a mind enhancing product when you order the physical version of this release.

A collectible CDr with some very stunning artwork and housed in a nice tin coat that would be a ideal hiding place to put a secret stash of psychedelic inducers. Just think about this CDr and the illegal adventures in Lala land and how it would expand the visions if the two of them are combined… I think that would be lovely. But as I’m exploring the digital output of this release as sober as a dull doll i kindly seem to dip away in it. I can hear and see all the greatness, the potential it has to be the great soundtrack for tripped out days, but in this state of mind I feel that I need something EXTRA next to these eleven moments as so kindly created here by Drvg Cvltvre, just to feel it as it probably should be felt…

…maybe some dope, some smoke, some poison or perhaps drinkable toilet cleaner… something to get the visuals going when Drvg Cvltvre serves this environmental soundtracks like a cold hearted experimentalist with a stark nose for the outdoors. Maybe order some of these CDr’s and see if there is indeed any secret compartments in the packaging hiding a special treat to guarantee us a good tripped out time?

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