Humanfobia – Cementerio Central Bogotá

Artist: Humanfobia
Title: Cementerio Central Bogotá
Keywords: dark ambient, horror, soundscape, humanfobia, dark atmospheric, bogota, cementerios, ghosts, fantasmas
Label: Cian Orbe

Walking around on funeral grounds is a popular hobby among many humans . There are people who do it to get some fresh air, who go out for a nice but simple little stroll or there are those who dress the part and seemingly love the graveyard so much that it won’t be a strange surprise if you see them crawling on top of some tombstones and kiss mausoleums, perhaps even lay down on a awaiting coffin that’s ready to be lowered into a fresh looking wide open hole. (!)

.Personally I don’t really care if you are one of these kind of people, I mean if somehow I’ll end up buried in a graveyard, I would be honored and pleased if someone would come over and start to make love to the place that my bones lay. As long as it’s done in a respectful way I cannot see the reason why anyone would have a different opinion. Some love for the dead and decay and it’s pretty places for their final rest as they are eaten by the worms , should be in fact a soothing thought.

Obviously nobody will bury me (yet) and it’s more conceivable that they would just toss my body in the wood chipper, but the fact Is; dead and cemetery’s are bound together like water and fire & for some it’s just a little bit of scenery but for others it’s simply so much more than that. A lifestyle choice. Almost like a fetish I would say, and I’m not talking about people that dig up the corpses and go for an non consenting case of dirty sex. (I’m Not aiming for Necrophilia lovers to join this blog – but if you are one: Hello!)

but yes, some people are mixing up intrigue and sensual darkness while going on those graveyard visits. They are mostly dressed in black as to camouflage themselves and be unrecognizable among the old graves. Camouflaged like dark moss or mold accumulated that these charming places might have gained throughout the years. Now you might say, but dear YIKIS does any of this has anything to do with the music? And I say: yes! It has everything to do with this music! With strong confidence I’m hundred percent sure the maker of this free release is one of the latter creatures that like to walk among the graveyard in full attire of a respectful black, parading gracefully through these surroundings as if it was a romantic bedroom setup for a sensual time.

This is a single,obviously not long enough to keep you companionship as you go for an endless visit, but it is lengthy enough to decorate the surroundings in that sexy haunting glow that the gothic lifestyle has to offer. Long enough to get one of the cemetery admirers wet and efficient to get the job done, if you know what I mean (hi necrophile!) … and with this said, I think music like this will help the approval rate of these commonly referred as ‘blasphemously actions’ higher up the scale of acceptance!

Take this with you as you go on your next level graveyard ‘stroll’:

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