The Doll – Bunny Girl

Artist: The Doll
Title: Bunny Girl
Keywords: experimental wellington field recordings mashup no-fi noise rap alternative London

Hi there, nice that you made it over here. So nice to see you. It’s nice as when you read these words I can see you straight in the eyes; your eyes are beautiful! It doesn’t come as a surprise as it’s well known that readers of this humble ‘music’ blog have the nicest eyes in the entire world. They also have good adventurous music taste… right? Yes, that’s right; clap yourself on the chest as we think it’s awesome that you are here, especially because we have some nice 2008 material over here by The Doll. It might not have been requested, not found in our long line of music that is begging us for attention – but hell; it’s The Doll – we all need and deserve a bit of historic The Doll love today!

This EP starts with some fine ‘Video piracy’ which comes delightfully at us like an old screwed up VHS tape featuring some classic mayhem-worthy-hits that got all mingled up as it’s been eaten in the tape recorder. It doesn’t sound bad at all, in fact the urge to cheer it on as the tape recorder eats the tape feels bigger than life! I could close my eyes and enjoy the fantasy of the tape all being eaten, stuck and being screwed up. I guess it is the sound of nostalgia, a happening that the new generation probably might never enjoy in real life – a sad thing as who doesn’t enjoy the physical failures of such things? It’s much more fun than having to deal with an software error, a failing hard disk or an overheated telephone. In any case The Doll started this Bunny Girl release strong with this case of sentiment and glitchy business.

The Doll continues its quest of entertaining the masses by going for an hit song approach in ‘heart is not the only thing you have to beat’. It comes across like a jubilant upbeat gothic style all nicely trapped in a video game world in which wonkiness meets up with steadiness – determent enough with plenty of distorted guitar to beat the shit out of you (is that what needs to be beaten?) and euphoric sing along bits in which lighters could be lid – surely ready to burn things! It’s secretly punk, outrageously epic and seriously good fun. The Bunny Girl must be happy to have this one to her name…

The cheap microphone antics in which the doll is recorded comes across as an actual bonus plus on the general sound of awesomeness. I feel this one as the banger, the one that beats you up kindly , the generous act of spiking up the energy levels so you could face the world again! A Bunny costume would be nice to have now to fit the new found will to go out, but maybe we can just print out the front cover and show it to anyone random in the street! “You got to listen to The Doll, people! It’s almost Easter!”

Another reason I needed to share this ‘The Doll’ release was this cool shiny thing called Dick Bling, which steps around in boots through a scenery of the alleyways in which guns are shot, rap groups are formed and crime is executed. You can hear testosterone at work, cooking up a wild environment in which we get blasted in the face as if we had been the viewers of the sopranos last episode… while we fade into black – the sampled voices could be heard asking if we are dead! Heavy stuff indeed, but also the kind of upbeat material that makes you (strangely) feel alive! How contradictory and nice this is!

Last but not least The Doll gives us the 1:11am Snozzasaurus, one hell of a beast that growls through its nose like a dragon ready to spew out steam. Is that Bunny Girl in sleep mode? It’s clear that The Doll wants this Snozzasaurus to stay asleep, singing sleepy lullabies in order not to kill off this instrumental element of prominent snores! The result is successful recorded in this recording, a thing that shouldn’t be taken for granted, which is another reason to plug yourself in to Bunny Girl by The Doll: you simply owe it to yourself! So why not hop in? Carrots not included!

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