Waxlimbs – After The Wreck

Artist: Waxlimbs
Title: After The Wreck
Keywords: alternative experimental ambient art rock dance electronic electronica glitch rock Toronto

Good day, how do you do? Apparently we are being flooded by requests. People of hopeful kind throwing their music towards us in all the possible ways. It’s nice as we could fill up a warehouse with them all and take a swim in it and pretend to be a poor person’s version of Scrooge McDuck. There are big albums, compilations, unreleased materials and even (oh lord!) spotify links. If I find them as I dive in, I’ll kindly toss them out of the window only half way remembering that the warehouse doesn’t have any windows and the links just fall back in the massive load of ‘listen to us’ music requests, only to be found at a later day in time.. oh those nasty Spotify links!

It’s fine on days in which nothing much is going on, although at days like that, there is a lot of poison being consumed by our writers (mainly me) which makes writing about music more enjoyable but also a slow process. Sometimes we pass out in the middle of a dive, only to wake up with a layer of foam around the mouth. Today not a lot of time is present and it’s still (kinda) early morning so a quick jump into the collection of requests made me bump into this single song by a certain thing named Waxlimbs. I thought, that’s alright, I should be able to handle a single song.. I can deal with that! Give it some oral love, lick it in all the right places and shag it in all the nice possible ways & still have time left to do all the other things that have to be done today: staying sober and failing!

Waking up would be handy for a start so I had my hopes up that this single would help me with this first act of the day. I had poisoned myself heavily yesterday, probably so much so that the title of the song ‘after the wreck’ appealed to me personally & to be fair the text of the song had hit that special sparkle inside of me as well. It was brought with a pleasant voice who gives the feeling that we are not alone in whatever the situation it is that we are in. Probably the situation of being an actual wreck as it’s Monday and nobody looks best on Mondays. Even health freaks look a bit muffled as they run outside inhaling traffic gasses.

So yes, Waxlimbs’s song had a good chance to make it this day. It comes across not so loud, but a bit like a cheese anthem that we all could just about handle, even if the unfortunate hangover might have been hanging out in your head for a simple extra headache vibe and feel, it might simple be the kind of music that eases it a bit. Dipping up the toxic waste as if it’s a soft sponge gladly sucking it all up. The singer comforts with the ‘you are not alone’ lyric and just before we feel a little bit like slipping into some kind of self induced coma the track becomes more to life, with some synth and a electric guitar adding some dose of caffeine to the song that seemingly wants to be one of those tunes that wants to be our friend.

I guess it works nice and well as Bandcamp warned me that i had been listening to it for free way too much & that it might now be an excellent idea to open my wallet and start throwing money at the song. It’s a bit like emotional hostage & sadly I can’t give in as I don’t have a bank account … does Bandcamp accept to be payed in natura? At least the song by Waxlimbs makes me believe that I’m not the only person in the world that hasn’t a bank account… so thanks for that! Maybe someone else could throw some digital coins at it, maybe it will be used to create an whole album of music that will make misfits like you and me feeling good & certainly not alone!

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