Fae & Seffi – Solstice

Artist: Fae & Seffi
Title: Solstice
Keywords: christmas edm electronic kosmische musik tchaikovsky dark ambient drone experimental edm holiday krautrock retrowave synthwave tribute vaporwave witchwave Portland
Label: Girly Girl Musik

Music is music, but the music by Fae and Seffi might be even a bit more than that. It can change the landscape, transport you into a different season & makes you feel as if you are somewhere else… I think we could all it Music + I would say.. or maybe let’s make it ‘music ++’ after all it’s made by two special people which is also probably one of the reasons that it is coming across as so special and magical.

This EP for example starts with the The tanz die zuckerfee, which comes across as music of a similar importance as the legendary nutcracker dance composition, only the pace is of a much more tranquillised kind, making it a slow progression that feels light and yet dramatic at the same time. A combo that smells of a fairytale happening in which light weight fairies flap their tiny wings in order to hop from tree to tree & something of a more dangerous kind, like some kind of creature that lurks around underneath these trees hungry for a fairy as a snack. Maybe it’s a silver fox… or a hungry polar bear… but do not despair as it feels like no fairy will be end up as food!

God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman steps around in similar passion. Continuing the fairytale story between good and bad, light and heavy, gracious and bold. The scenes are intense and melodic, sweeping us on the edge of our seats, tumbling all the way into realms in which synthesiser sounds have become the boss of bass as they slowly take us in a heavy adventure in which beauty lays in the eye of the beholder. With dramatic tones stepping around on a melody that is like a journey through snow; everything is beautiful, bright and shiny white yet the steps are cruel, heavy work for our legs arranged in critical circumstances that are a wonderful sight but also weight heavy on our wading footwear. All in all both tracks on this release have a high winterish fairytale feeling over them, but even listening in spring seems to be fine if you are up to it. Just play this and close your eyes and you’ll be covered with fairy dust In the snow in no time:

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