Antoine De Muynck – Circle

Artist: Antoine De Muynck
Title: Circle
Keywords: electronic experimental drone electronica experimental electronic industrial noise Belgium

Hello! Here we are again! Listening to a piece of music and writing some sh*t about it. Keeping it more real than real! Let’s start objectifying this Circle by Antoine De Muynk. It starts with
‘The planets’ that might be far away. But thanks to musical technologies normally kept away from us, we can now quickly attend them quick and efficiently from a very close range. In fact visiting them comes and goes with such a short notice that you might even miss the entire happening if you wink your eye a little much. Not saying that you have a twitchy face but still it is a come and go experience that can easily be missed or overlooked. It’s a shame though, as from what I had witnessed in that quick amount of time was pretty picture perfect.

Not shallow at all… that is more relevant to the next track I would think. A work that feels as if we slumber around in the basement of dusty things. Between stuff that had been nicely covered in a layer of cobwebs, all neatly surrounded by some broken floors and an echo to let it all bounce around in. It’s nice but the peculiar track named ‘Copernicus’ is the one that feels like the highlight on the agenda over here. One that comes with sharp cutting edge ambient tones that seem to enjoy stabbing you at the slowest pace possible. They are like razor lights coming from a sun that stands extremely close to the earth, forcibly getting into your heart, twisting it around for a final goodbye full of kind hearted flows that will leave you hanging for more..

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