Grandad/Toxic Chicken/The Doll – IT’S A CRIME (EP)

Artists: Grandad/Toxic Chicken/The Doll
Title: IT’S A CRIME (EP)
Keywords: experimental field recordings grandad no-fi noise remix toxic chicken video piracy warning London

It might be biased to write about your own grandad, but what about if it’s everyone’s favourite granddad? Might that be biased too? Or can we get away with it? You know what? I’ll just risk it and go for it… If there is any form of backlash for it I’ll consider it as free advertisement!

So here we go… grandad. Personally I never had one. Or well technically I probably did, but I think he was already buried under the ground before I plopped out the egg. So it’s little easier for me perhaps to take this alternative grandad and accept his presence into my life as if we had known each other from our beloved blood line. Funny thing is that I have no idea how Grandad looks like, but I will recognise his voice anywhere and everywhere. Also his noises are pretty distinctive; our grandad sounds like someone who has an authorial feel to it, someone who isn’t there to be messed with, except perhaps when he asks for you to mess with him.

on this triple split release with a wonderful pig (in a fashionable jail uniform) on its cover, Grandad specifically sounds weighty. Not pointing towards body shape, but more in the sense that his words are sounding prominent and serious. He tells us the educational thing that video piracy is a crime. Underlining that it is a crime seems like a very grandad thing to do. I could just sit there and nod my head respectfully as grandad makes his weighty claim. I want to tell him fondly something along the line of ‘Okay, grandad! We stay on the right part of justice and out of the criminal lanes of copying videos!’

Next to grandad we also have a doll preaching a similar vibrant warning. This is not just a normal doll, but The Doll. An artist of the kind that isn’t one to be told what to do, stands strong on her own legs and does whatever she enjoys and wants to do. Apparently she isn’t into video taping as well, or at least tells you that you might be able to do it BUT it is against the law.. not saying that you shouldn’t do it because laws are obviously made to be broken. Copyright infringements might be naughty thing to do, but if you do it with care and wig art in its name, you might just get away with it without the lawsuits and promised jail time.

Next to The Doll and our favourite Grandad, there is also a poisonous chicken. But I guess if we open up the books chatting about this creature that was naughty enough to mess with granddad and The Doll’s original ‘don’t do this at home’ warnings, we might simply reveal our honest jaded biased platform just a tiny little bit much. So let’s take the chicken for granted and appreciate the fact that neither Grandad or The Doll had used the poultry for a roast & slowly tip mtoe away from these words… but before we are off the screen, let me drop you a little kinky link:

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