A Humanoid Individual – Subwoofer Music EP

Artist: A Humanoid Individual
Title: Subwoofer Music EP
Keywords: electronic tech house techno. electronica minimal minimal techno techno Ljubljana
Label: Concrete Reality Records

Just because we can, I listened with my pretend friends to ‘just because’ which is the first track on this self claimed minimal techno release that simply gives the one and only reason why you would listen to it… just because; why not? Thing is that with music like this it’s easy to dance to, even easier to nod your head towards it in the knowledge that you enjoyed it… but writing words about it might exactly be a difficult crime to commit. If you would be a creative music reviewer you would probably pen up a minimal to the point review, but in case you had noticed over here; neither me or my imaginary friends are absolutely not professionals.

Same thing thing happened with listening to track two. We utterly enjoyed it, danced around with a broomstick, banged our heads together in some kind of active social agreement that this is one of the ways to show our appreciation & Tracy to the pounding kicks. But writing about it? What could a person say? This is one for the feels. I don’t mean emotions or sentimentalism but more that you just have to play it and hopefully feel it just as much as we have been feeling it over here. But remember there are absolutely no hard feeling when you don’t! After all this track is called ‘free’ so you might as well unleash your freedom of choice on it. (Or not!) it’s all up to you!

Even the last track named Sub Affinity is one of those that you need to hear and feel. It’s best to play it on big speakers and as loud as possible, just to make it more easier to walk into it and enjoy. It has that nice bass sound and thickness in kicking kicks; what else do you possible want me to say over here? I can tell you that it’s nice wether over here and I hope it will be a nice day over there too! Oh and here is the link to this release, cause at least that’s something we as a blog are useful for.. spreading words of nonsense and clickable links! Here you go;

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