Synthia Slimez – Descent to Glacial Sphere

Artist: Synthia Slimez
Title: Descent to Glacial Sphere
Keywords: diy experimental bedroom pop folk lo-fi queercore rock sludge synth synth synthwave trance transcore Richmond
Label: Grimalkin Records

At first Synthia Slimez brings in the extreme cat nails towards our ears, scratches them, opening up a bombastic portal towards an exciting dimension in which they push us through for an jubilant case of energetic energy that is untamed and wildly wild. Once there we fall through the sections like shocked infiltrators into a world of slight madness, one in which Synthia looks at us while barely holding up laughter; we spin out of control in a dark vibrating punk electronic industrial nightmare in which our sanity gets an splendid beating, our nerves gain some kicking as the artist throws us down the deepest depths of the craziest zone ever; a hardcore mind in audio form.

But don’t worry, Synthia provided also the after care, the plasters on our wounds of shock, the massages for our broken backs. This producer is our friend if you are on the good line of the fence, if not; I personally feel sorry for you. The artist does take care of the good listeners by delivering the smoke of a stellar blunt into the minds. One that makes us all feel good, happy, full of friendly inducing sparkles, synthesiser galore that comes from a good hearted hearty place. We are among friends, right?

But to me the real fun begins when the music tumbles us into Uranian Teratoid. This is like a wake up call, an bolstering moment in which you put a fork in an electric socket and gets severely hyped up by the shock that you have survived it! The music is extremely cool, full of banging thrills, hard kicks and synthesiser galore that shows any normal day punk band with their two accords and distortion pedals linked to guitars straight towards the nearest exit: this is the real deal! & that’s is great news!

The release continues with this forceful sound, clearly revealing what feels like Synthia Slimez its alien origins! This artist knows no fear, has no mercy! Will put everything upside down if it was needed to change all that had been wrong with this planet? Like a hit of the fists on the speakers, ready for all of us to listen as the artist heads a speech that feels unforgivably on the right side of evils. Here bad vibes get crushed with a sheer hatred, silence gets squeezed out and kicked away for this producing evolution of punk to do its thing. To let the synthesiser bits raise the forces, melt down the systems and give the rulers of Babylon a run for their miserable lives! In my head I could see Synthia Slimez laughing while stroking a black cat… you either be on the side of Synthia or you’ll better start running!

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