The Doll – LIVE

Artist: The Doll
Title: LIVE
Keywords: auckland diy experimental new zealand bedroom pop folk improv live lo-fi noise performance art ritual rock sound art theater Richmond
Label: Grimalkin Records

The Doll squeaks herself in like a mouse into plastic wrap, once through she pulls the audio cables through the tiny hole in order to spread her sound into her newly dug sound salon. Things tick, shiver, shake & click in order for The Doll to feel comfortable enough to play with the squeaky rubber chicken and touchable balloon. She sings a wordless song and a toy bath ducky peeps in appreciation. It’s a rambling messy place that feels like the ideal location to cook up new ideas, gain inspiration and sustain a good flow of ideas. The Doll sounds satisfied with her creation, exposing herself with her truest inner core all nicely flipped from the inside out. Spreading her soul on a well balanced pretty er of tonal noise that feels totally not unpleasant yet might make the more conservative listeners scratch their heads in bewilderment.

The release goes on with Universal Jane which starts as if The doll had lenses her heartbeat to donate it the life that it had always wanted. Other percussion instruments seems to step in, coming across as if they had been attached to The Doll her ankles as she steps around the recording booth. One place that isn’t empty, but nicely decorated with audio generating artefacts that The Doll might or not take up in her hands to play with. It feels like a seance, one in which The Doll goes in a trance, creates with her eyes closed in a state of lending her body and mind to be the vehicle of the universe. She hums the magic over her lips while a vast deep tone fills up the speaker with a surreal serenity that keeps on marching on that devoted rhythm. The complete calmness might make you feel totally unprepared for the solid exorcism that will appear towards the ending of this recording. You might be scared, your soul severely damaged from shock; but positively speaking; you will be thrilled and feel alive at the same time too! Hip hooray for The Doll and her continuous heartbeat!

The album continues with the happy go lucky work named Cheap Romance in which The Doll takes of the potential mask of total seriousness and shows us what fun is all about. Even though The Doll is legendary allergic to fun, we can clearly hear that she also puts two fingers up i the air to defy these assumptions! Because it’s only audio it’s always guessing how things are made, but I greatly expect The Doll placing flutes in her nose in order to create this interesting work for us and her listeners.

And when it continues with a recording that The Doll named ‘Gateway Couch’ you could find yourself in a tingling showcase in which little bells and big sounding audio backdrops are ruling the sceptre. A moving recording that feels as if The Doll had put on a special machine to generate a traveling sound that she delightfully fills up with shakers and other prominent materials that The Doll could have her finger on! It’s an exciting seventh album by this colourful sound artist and when you finish it to the end you will feel probably fulfilled and content with yourself and your good taste in music! Don’t be afraid, you can be proud of yourself dear listeners! But not (of course) if you didn’t check LIVE by The Doll yet!

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