smellycaт – dearest

artist: smellycaт
title: dearest
keywords: experimental ambient eccojams emo glitch hip-hop naruto synthwave vaporwave weird emo София Bulgaria

what’s that smell? Might the cat litter need changing and scooping?
Is it indeed the work of dearest smetty cat? In that case I’m glad to squeeze my nose holes into closed ones and compensate by opening my ears a litte wider than usual. Why not? If your head is as flexible as mine, you would probably do these things too, besides smells don’t really register through the ears so its all good!

In fact when I hear dearest smellycat it kinda makes me feel funny inside, not in a joking way, but a bit as if it’s been a tiny bit naughty.. probably being playful with my inner organs, rewiring some things to recreate something new, perhaps many, many new things… It’s not a real surprise as this cat certainly seems to have an appetite to happily steal (or borrow?) recycle, rewire, claim and occupy sounds from a whole spectrum of locations, so i’m pretty sure some juicy organs would be like a playground for this cat to play with!

But to be fair, the 31 one tracks that dearest contains on this sold out double tape are all fairly original and it shouldn’t really matter how or where the inner bits of these tunes have been coming from, as long as the overall is sounding so pleasantly touched and claimed by this cat it is all alright. Making things into a tiny game of ‘recognition similar to catching a mouse, an experience of overall relaxing, honoring the many audible smells of outdated music bits and giving it new life by mixing and matching, slowing things down, looping and making it more purry and presumable cat-like.

I’m not a cat, but it isn’t hard to imagine that cat’s would just roll themselves up with smellycat’s music going on. Hell, they would probably even enjoy the smell! And copyright? I don’t think cats ever heard of such things and if so; they certainly wont be bothered! I mean give them a fish and they certainly don’t have sleepless nights thinking about that it was smelly, or that such a fish had been eaten by another cat many times before. It’s all about the results and in this case it’s relaxing and friendly material. Kinda wants to make me want to fart in silence and lick my own hands as if they had been paws… oh the pleasure!

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