Seffi Starshine – Organic Drone

artist: Seffi Starshine
title: Organic Drone
keywords: electronic ambient dark ambient drone drone ambient vaporambient vapordrone Portland
label: Girly Girl Musik

I don’t know about you and your ecological choices, but I keep it all organic. It’s not only better for nature, yourself and all the stuff that you are eating itself, it is also much more enjoyable. Take this organic drone for example! It’s much more clean, full of wealthy vitamins, pleasurable brightness that will fill up all the bad places where the sun hasn’t been shining to provide the precious vitamin D with a fine loving glow of biological goodness! This organic drone is clearly grown by hand in the garden of Seffi Starshine & you can clearly hear that Seffi had fed it lots of love and care, among the regular supply of fresh air, music compost and healthy liquids. Things are all glowing over here just by staring at this wonderfully full grown drone, one that hasn’t been designed to fit in a square box in the supermarket shelf, but could have gone as big and beautiful that this drone had deserved to be.

You can hear the organic drone pulling itself open like a wonderful gift from mother nature itself, like a flourishing flower that kissed the day for the very first time, being all pretty for the appreciating bumble bees and loveable veganistic crowds that roam the bio farm for various treats and delicatessen. The whole drone lays in the ears as one pretty juicy health boost full of unprecedented loveliness that I swear that you won’t want to have a regular drone ever again! Only organic drones will be good for you now! If you wanted to know the scientific name for this Organic Drone, I can happily inform you that this one is named “Atropa Belladonna” and is highly recommended to put in your basket of must have goodies!

But don’t worry that you will be bored of consuming only one organic drone for the rest of your life, as Seffi Starshine has more where this one came from! There is one named “Brugmansia” which is also fresh sounding, yet more dense in the humbling angel department. Organic material that makes you feel as if you had found a secret garden in which a fountain of wellbeing spreads its goodness to all the flora and fauna in its nearby surroundings; a paradise that revitalizes your skin and soul at the same time! It’s absolutely necessary to hear this product if you love yourself and others around you; it’s simply absolutely wonderful and stunning in all its biological organic forms! No trace of pesticide whatsoever over here, only love and a wealth of health!

Also the organic Datura drone is highly recommended, clearly catering the lovers that love their drones not only organic, but also as smooth as a baby’s bum! But in this case I think it’s best to say it’s as soft as the back of a wondrous leaf, or the hairs of a furry cat. When sliding into this organic happening you feel immediately calm and rested, as if you had tons of rest last night and wasn’t sleep deprived at all! It makes you feel pretty, banning all wrinkles below the eyes and turning yellow teeth instantly bright white! In any case you really should check out Seffie Starshine’s drones over here as why would you want to hear any other kind of drone that isn’t as organic like these pretty ones? Absolutely highly recommended material to consume alone or with beloved loved ones!

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