Whalt Thisney – Thispossesed

Artist: Whalt Thisney
Title: Thispossesed
Keywords: electronic ambient dark ambient drone drone ambient piano Portland
Label: Girly Girl Musik

I’m sitting in the woods on a log. Now that we have this crucial information out of the way, can I tell you how impressed I am with modern day technology? Ruining the forest with for the eyes undetectable signals that could land into my portable device in order to get some Whalt Thisney music out here between these trees, leafs, sticks, sand, bushes and other logs? It’s quite a nice fit, the music that goes well with the sound of the chit chatting birds, the hopping squirrels and the sound of a high way in the back that somehow transformed itself to come across as the sound of a comforting sea. Lots of dogs are running around here too, they come in groups with her and there a human who thinks that they are the leaders while the dogs probably think otherwise.

The dogs are alright, but when talkative people step around in this zone of peace in which birds happily chirp on the branches and rays of sunshine are doing their best to shine through I wish to pick up one of the lighter logs and humanely bash their heads in. Not that there is a violent bone within my body, but hey; I’m listening to the pretty music by Whalt Thisney over here in this perfectly fitting location: Show some respect and shut your mouths!

Even without the beautiful music it would be highly appreciated to have the humans be a little bit more silent over here, as if they don’t disturb this lovely place already enough with the sounds of overflying airplanes and the occasional helicopters. If things could be a bit more like the wonderful music that Whalt Thisney presented over here, I would definitely appreciate humans a bit more. But no, they have to chat and shout, have some vrooms of low flying jets to underline why humans are such a disturbance of peace. The only thing I could do is placing the lovely music by Whalt Thisney a few notches higher, to play it for the trees, the foxes in their hiding places, the birds, the creepy crawlers and the flying creatures that zoom around quite happily; its the least that I could do for them as the lovely ambient music for sure seems to have come from a natural place, with wondrous pretty tones, croaky sounds and caring melodies that fit right in.

I feel as if with this music I could hug multiple trees at the same time, telling them that the humans not only we capable of making disturbing noises… and I swear… I swear that there are two squirrels and a curious looking crow just came to sit in front of me, happily filling their macro ears with the music of Whalt Thisney, probably thinking in animal language ‘what’s Thisney?’ Even the arrival of a scruffy looking poodle and a shouting human that comes along with the poodle doesn’t seem to make the squirrels and crow want to move away; they are clearly very charmed from Whalt Thisney’s music, making me think that I should go to sit on this log more often and bring more lovely music for them and the rest of the woods to hear in the future. Maybe it won’t drown out the sound of the airplanes and loud mouthed people shouting around, but it does seem appreciated by this environment while at the same time also making us as a human race look like a better bunch.

If only we could replace the sound of airplane, car & helicopter engines with the music of Whalt Thisney, as well as it coming out of dog ‘owners’ their mouths instead of them shouting silly names to their beloved fur balls; the world would simply be a much more magical & wonderful place! Thank you Whalt Thisney, also thanks from the squirrels and crow!

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