butter city poster boys – super bells lemon slice

Artist: butter city poster boys
Title: super bells lemon slice
Keywords: experimental shoegaze ambient drone guitar noise Vancouver
Artist website: http://www.buttercityposterboys.com

If you are a serious person in the music industry, (as I presume you are as who else would reach such a prestigious blog like ours?) and they send you super bells lemon slice by butter city poster boys, what would you think? I mean, just reading the title or the project’s name makes you think what’s what and who is who and what’s doing who or who is doing what? As if you had been a cartoon with signs of confusion twirling around your head, right?

Butter city poster boys? What does that mean? A greasy boy band from the city? And super bells lemon slice? I mean I’m open minded and all that, but all I read is butt city and super balls. That’s the four words that I will remember when I go out and talk to my colleagues in the hallway about this music that I’ve just heard… it might be that that’s just me, but what if it isn’t?

if I can convince some of the big time label clowns by glorifying their sound into the big sky of heaven, I could probably never find this band again to forward it to them, as I would be stuck googling buttocks shitty super ball boys and not finding any results. Or yes, results, but not the result that I wanted. Probably some young adults picking up tennis balls in Wembley stadium while a sneaker walks around showing off a hairy ass.

But than again, maybe these belly button city boys and their super balls of spicy lemon people do not really aim for fame? Maybe these super city lemon buttock boys just do it for the music and the fun of it? Maybe they aren’t interested in becoming signed to a mayor label? Maybe they deliberately sabotage themselves by making people pushing them to the big bosses in the record industry all dazed and confused…

I don’t blame them. I say ‘them’ but at this point I’m not even so sure it’s an actual band and not just one person. Or a well skilled slice of lemon? Who knows! But fact is that the title and name of the project did get my attention, it did got me talking, but this mindless chatting also overruled the entire music as where did my review go? Why did I not mention anything about the actual music just yet? Why am I googling posters of big bellend city boys?

I’m so confused. It’s the entire word thing of the super bells lemon slice by butter city poster boys that makes me all weirded out, as if my head got instantly stuck into a glitch in which nothing seems to work anymore. And that hurts my brain as the music.. the music is so good. Maybe there is not going to be a pop hit on the release, but these tracks do hit the mark of hypnotising material, the kind of things I would chat to a big time Bobo about and tell them that ‘the underground’ would love it (whatever that means). I would spice it up, from music person to music person; “Hey listen up big Bobo who represents the big record labels, hear these warm glowing weird bits of repetition… It’s so nice and fluffy…”

“…really sorry big Bobo but I can’t remember exactly what the name of it was or what the title is, but it’s good though… I can asure you! It was something with city boys big balls posters and it’s worth a big pay check! Try googling it and give it your money, as it’s an Investment that you might never get back, but at least butter city poster boys (that’s it!) will have something to eat and drink in order to continue the journey of making more music! So without any more worldly variations of delaying the moment I’m which it’s time to pass you the link that leads towards this music, here it is: https://buttercityposterboys.bandcamp.com/album/super-bells-lemon-slice

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